Electrical Contracting News (ECN) November 2016 - Page 31

LUXLIVE 2016 Stand H20 Dextra Group www.dextragroup.co.uk Tel: 01747 858100 Kingfisher Lighting www.kingfisherlighting.com Tel: 01623 415900 At the cutting edge of luminaire development, all facets of the lighting industry are covered. One of Dextra’s latest products, and EIA finalist is The Rubix; Nine individual cells provide precise optical control allowing for spacings up to 3m x 3m whilst maintaining 400 lux on the working plane. Achieving UGR 19, meeting the 3,000 candela BS EN12464 with compliance to ECA and L2. The surrounding back lit halo can also be separately controlled offering flexibility and a unique lit style. The mounting frame offers quick installation in recessed and surface variants and can be offered in a range of sizes with efficiencies of up to 130 luminaire lumens per watt. Dextra is an award winning company with unique service levels on both standard product and bespoke design. With over 25 years’ experience in exterior lighting Kingfisher offers a wealth of technical expertise, a vast range of quality products and essential support services. Kingfisher works with a variety of customers such as wholesalers, contractors, specifiers, designers, local authorities and end users to create a complete solution for any exterior lighting installation. Kingfisher’s products are used in many applications ranging from urban landscaping, architectural design, street and amenity projects to car parks, transportation and warehousing, as well as high mast, flood and sports lighting solutions. Support services include project management, project design, maintenance packages, commissioning, lighting control options, performance auditing as well as technical support and product supply. Kingfisher aims to offer a complete solution for all exterior lighting requirements with the highest level of aftercare and continued support. Stand G16 Stand R19 Metway Electrical Industries www.metway.co.uk Tel: 01273 431600 Metway was established in 1937 and is still a privately owned family business. Metway has been supplying electrical connector products to the lighting and electronic sector for over 75 years, now with a range in excess of 20,000 products from simple terminal blocks to surface mount PCB connectors and transformers. The Wiring Systems division was launched in 1999 concentrating on providing a ‘plug & play’ alternative to conventional wiring which has evolved into a rapidly growing business. The inclusion of a full lighting control range ensures that Metway is at the forefront of its market. At LuxLive Metway will be showcasing its fully ‘Addressable Lighting Control System’ and introducing a new easy fit and connect ‘Besa Box Socket Outlet Range’. Stand R51 Wago global.wago.com/uk Tel: 01788 568008 This year there’s the first chance to see the complete Wago lighting interconnection and management range at LuxLive. Aimed at lighting manufacturers, installers and managers, Wago’s first appearance at the show brings with it a wide range of products including SMD for LED lighting, PCB terminals for drivers and ballasts as well as connectors and modular wiring for luminaires, including Linect options. Also on show will be Wago’s innovative trunking based modular wiring system and Winsta pluggable connection system, which help to simplify installation and dramatically reduce on site time and costs. Wago offers lighting management products that help implement lighting faster and reduce operating costs with simple start-up, operation and configuration. Wago’s lighting management systems are reliable and efficient, and support communication protocols such as DALI, offering potential lighting energy savings of up to 70 per cent. COLOUR IS THE NEXT FRONTIER FOR LED LIGHTING The way that colour appears within an interior is a key element of good lighting. However, for certain applications the accuracy of colour is vital. Fashion retailers are careful to achieve a ‘true’ colour rendering for their merchandising under shop lights and grocery stores are determined to add vibrancy and freshness to their produce on display. Recent product launches indicate that high CRI is the new focus for mainstream LED lighting producers, who aim to deliver highly colour tuned lighting for a wider market. Compared to halogen and other ‘legacy’ light sources, LED has struggled to match other lighting technology in the rendering of certain colours. This shortcoming is particularly marked in LED lamps that have a CRI rating of under 80. Until recently, interiors that demanded an accurate representation of colours relied upon costly specialist LED luminaires that deliver a CRI of 90 plus. To a large extent, retailers have relied upon these expensive lighting solutions or have retained their loyalty for metal halide and halogen. Announcing their new ‘Real Colour’ GU10, the UK lighting manufacturer Integral LED has announced a CRI 95* spotlight at a price intended to make vivid colour accessible to everyone, including SHOW PREVIEW consumers. The breakthrough has been engineered using a single COB (Chip-onBoard) chip that has enabled improved colour performance. Effectively, the LED array, once exclusive to high-end luminaires, has been incorporated within a GU10 for the wider market. The Integral LED ‘Real Colour’ spotlight delivers a highly tuned correlated colour temperature (CCT) and is calibrated to within three steps on a MacAdam ellipse. “The Real Colour range offers installers and electrical contractors the opportunity to re-introduce colour accurate LEDs to retailers and other display minded applications at an attractive price,” commented Samik Halai, Senior Product Manager at Integral LED. “High CRI is now within the reach of all budge G2Bv7FVFPFVBr6W ֖FVB67VW'2F( Ф( 7'7FVffV7BV>( FG2&WG&7&P&V֖66VBbFRp&VBg&'BFFRURvV7FƖvB@FVƗfW'2FfgW6VBƖvBvF3+&VvRF2&V֗VW7FWF06&7FW&7F22vBvVFP2"fb࠮( TB07G'VvvVBFF6FW ƖvFpFV6wFR&VFW&pb6W'F6W'2( fW"FV2&R6VFVBFR&V6W uS&vRGvbv6&RF&RW6pǒurbvW"FR7FƖvG2&RFV67B6fr&W6VVBf"SrvV2f&R#sBCFRuS2FVƗfW 3BCCVV2bƖvB7VF&Rf"&F6gV7FBv&ƖvFr66VW2F@&WV&RFRvW7B7FF&G26W"VƗGFRWr2&Rf&Rg&ЦvBVV7G&6vW6W'0BƖRƖvFr&W6VW'2FRG&FR&6R2&WFVFrf"5$P7FƖvBB *3CW@B *3"f"FPF&RfW'6ࢤ&6VBFVFVw&T@&V6W"uSSsupCuS7FƖvC5$R##5$R##R#&VBRD3&c&s53P