Electrical Contracting News (ECN) November 2016 - Page 30

SHOW PREVIEW LUXLIVE 2016 Stand H2 Aurora www.auroralighting.com Tel:01727 836611 Aurora is creating Value Beyond Illumination in the home, business and enterprise environments. Aurora will demonstrate the value propositions of how a Gooee enabled, IoT lighting solution helps solve business challenges and creates value across a brands connected estate. With the spotlight on retail, Aurora will demonstrate how Lighting 3.0 can deliver greater energy savings, increase profits, generate revenue, manage assets and increase productivity. Aurora’s innovation in downlighting continues as the next generation of smart solutions is unveiled for residential and light commercial applications, with an emphasis on interoperability and partnerships. Neil Salt, Aurora’s managing director of the IoT Division, will be appearing in the IoT Arena, revealing the enterprise scale benefits of lighting and the IoT within a retail environment. Stand P8 Beckhoff Automation www.beckhoff.co.uk Tel: 01491 410539 Beckhoff Automation offers a uniquely ‘open’ approach to controls, which means that lighting control and wider building automation need not be regarded as separate systems. Beckhoff technology can operate with DALI, KNX, EnOcean, LON, DMX and BACnet protocols – and many others – making it a truly agnostic solution. The result? A system that provides faster and more flexible installation with lower engineering costs, whilst greatly assisting facilities management through intelligent diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Using Beckhoff’s renowned building automation solutions, all technical systems can be integrated on the foundation of a single unified PC and Ethernet based control platform. Lighting controls harnessed to heating, ventilation and air conditioning can reduce building operation costs significantly. This allencompassing approach creates long term energy efficiency as well as greater occupant comfort. Stand J82 B.E.G. www.luxomat.com Tel: 0870 850 5412 B.E.G. has launched a new ceiling occupancy sensor which includes an LED orientation light for the first time. The B.E.G. Luxomat PD2 offers end users a product that switches lighting and provides illumination all within a single housing. The LED orientation lighting is designed as an illuminated ring around the lens of the sensor. After the main light is automatically switched off, the orientation light can be activated for an adjustable time or permanently. With a range of 10m, the B.E.G. Luxomat PD2 includes a variety of options which allow it to adapt to its surroundings in addition to the integrated daylight control. All parameters can be set to suit individual requirements and can be accessed via compatible smartphones through the B.E.G. Remote Control App. The B.E.G. Luxomat PD2’s range can be extended by connecting to additional slave devices. By combining orientation lighting with automatic lighting control the end user enjoys convenience, comfort and energy savings. Stand P26 Danlers www.danlers.co.uk Tel: 01249 443377 Danlers has launched a new range of high bay PIR occupancy switches. The range is ideal for energy saving lighting control in areas such as warehouses, factories and entrance halls. The products detect a person moving within the detection area and control the lights accordingly. Each product [Y\[Y\XH[YBY[[ۈ\[Y\XH[ \H\H\[ۜ܈[\H][HY[Yۋٙ\[\X܈SKH܈ KLL[\X]]X]X[H[H܂Y[HY[\ۜH[\[H[XY[Y][ HXZ]\YH]X[X[Y\Y[܈\\[ۜX\Hܘ[[XXH\[HYH[\8&X\VT8&H܂&۝T8&H\ۈ[[YۙH܈X] ]\H]]][B‘Z[”ۂ[BBB›BBHTوR“Y[[ӑH•HT[]܂Y[ۈӑHSXX[\ܝ\]\][MڙX\Yۈ\X\“XZ[[[H[ۜ‚((((((]Z[XH[   B[\H[\8''H\HۛXܜ“[]XHX[\Z[[‘][\ۙZ]\ \YY BMH]Y][YX]\HXZ[Z[]]BۛX]]B[Z\[ۚ[‚ M MNL [ٚ\\Y[˘BKLH^]K[ \]\ۈ[M\\[ [ۈ\Œܙ ݙ[X\ MLݙ[X\^[ۙۂ\]\ۈ[NB۝X\܈[ܙH[ܛX][ێ[\Y]^K˝Z L M Y]^K˝Z‚M L ̌ M L͂B›œB[Bš›B’[˜‚