Electrical Contracting News (ECN) November 2016 - Page 16

LIGHTING PROJECTS BIG JOB A LIGHTER BEER Zumtobel has supplied the lighting for the 2016 edition of the annual Serpentine Pavilion. The Serpentine Pavilion is a 14m high complex sculptural structure designed by Copenhagen/New York based architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). The design delivers the light levels required for functional use of the space, while keeping the visual presence of the lighting equipment to an absolute minimum. Having joined the Zumtobel Group in 2015, the lighting solution for this year is provided by UK based acdc Lighting. Inside, the Pavilion hosts a café and a bar, with bench seating at the perimeter to facilitate daytime activities and the Serpentine Park Nights programme, an annual series of live events by artists, writers and musicians. To preserve the purity of the lines, BIG requested all lighting equipment to be concealed – ideally positioned on the floor behind the perimeter seating. The final result of the lighting approach is striking. In line with BIG’s vision, the lighting enhances the sculptural nature of the Pavilion, while providing the necessary functional light to create a safe and pleasurable visitor experience. Thorn has provided lighting to meet the stringent objectives of Adnams Brewery for the company’s eco-friendly distribution centre in Reydon, Suffolk, by reducing the number of fittings and associated energy consumption and switching to LED. Adnams aspires to reduce its carbon footprint every year. The distribution centre, which opened in Reydon in 2006, was the first industrial building in the UK to be built using entirely sustainable material and features hemp lined building blocks and a green roof that actually absorbs carbon. In the distribution centre’s key industrial areas, including the main warehouse, cask bay and goods-in area, Thorn’s HiPak Pro LED high bay luminaires have been installed to meet the stringent requirement of the customer on all counts. Installing LED lamps has reduced the heat emitted from the lights, lowering the temperature and making it easier to maintain the 13-16˚C temperature inside. The next phase will see the refurbishment of the offices, which will include the introduction of lighting controls to maximise energy savings. STOCKPORT SWIMS Switching to Carbon8Lighting’s multi-function luminaires has provided Life Leisure Grand Central’s Pool in Stockport, Greater Manchester, with an increase in light levels and a reduction in energy consumption. The aesthetics of the pool have also been improved, not just with better light quality, but also with the addition of blue floodlights, enhancing the colour of the water to make it more inviting. The pool operator, Stockport Council and Life Leisure, was keen to improve the quality of the lighting but did not want to increase the facility’s carbon footprint. Grand Central provides first class fitness and swimming facilities and is home to Stockport’s only 50m swimming pool and to Stockport Metro – the UK’s most successful swimming club and ‘learn to swim’ programme. The swimming complex includes an eight lane pool and world class diving facilities, both of which are used for training Olympic hopefuls. The use of long life LEDs means that there is no need for costly lamp replacement, so all of the disruption associated with accessing high light fittings, over a pool is removed, as is the cost associated with maintenance. WAREHOUSE PROJECT GOING UNDERGROUND AKW Logistics’ 500,000ft of Quality BRC and Excise Approved high bay storage facility has recently had its existing lighting replaced. The original total of 289 individual 400W metal halide, quad 80W and twin 70W neon batten units have been replaced by 194 of Waveguide Lighting’s Brightstar intelligent LED luminaires, which have an innovative design that provides outstanding light quality, optical distribution and energy efficiency. The warehouse operates 24/7 and frequently holds high value goods. The modernisation of the lighting has resulted in major operational, security and financial benefits while the improvement in the overall brightness and uniformity of the lighting throughout the facility has improved the quality of the CCTV security recordings – achieving a safer working environment for the forklift truck drivers with better general visibility and less shadowing. The luminaires are intelligently managed, with motion sensors that reduce the output by 80 per cent in unoccupied areas and with ambient sensors that dynamically adjust the output in response to the ambient natural lighting levels. The energy saving is 74 per cent, the tangible ROI is 1,171 per cent and the payback period is 15 months. Venture Lighting Europe has supplied a purpose made retrofit gear tray to help a Costco store in Birmingham reduce its energy consumption and improve the lighting of its underground car park. The company, working with lighting maintenance contractor Solent Lighting, developed a 50W LED retrofit gear tray to replace 300 150W metal halide lamps whilst still utilising the existing fittings to generate an estimated 70 per cent energy saving. The 300 fittings are located in the store’s underground c \\X\]Z\YY][وYœ[HHYH[\Y\Y[B[\ۛY[ YHH]\HوH\\^\H\X[Y[[]BY[^[Y[H^[]H[[]B\]Z\Y^H[[[Hۘܙ]BX\KܙX][HوY\[\ܝ\[ۈH\\ˈ[\x&\œ]ٚ]][ۈ[[Z[]Y[و\[Y\[H[[[][ۂ[YHHZ[[][KSSQSPB]Q\\YYHY[][ۈ[[Y[[\[[HYXH\[H\][]و\HZ[X[]Y\[[XY\\K[[Y[[\[[ٙ\H]][ۘ\H\XYܙY[[]8&\ۋZ[\]K\[YX]K]ܝXHY\[]XH[[\\™[\[X]ܙY[܈][\HYوX\H[\[ LZ[]\˂\X\Y[ H\[HXYY[ݙH[]]X[]H[ MHX[[]H[ܙX\Y][Y[[X[YX\[\X]K[[Y[[\[[\XY]QY[\YۈH[و]ܙHX[KY[X\وH\[HܚY[H]]Q8&\XX[X[KXXYY[ZY\[\H\]Z\[Y[\HY] Q[[Y\H[XY܈\H[H\[x&\ٙX\Xܘ]ܚY\[X[YX\[\X\ˈ[][HY][[H\X[B[X[[X[ۋ[[[\[XH[\X\Xܘ]ܞH\X\\\[X[ Y[ZY\\H\Y]\Z[HHYX[\ق[[\]Z\Y]\X]HX[˂X]\و^[ۙY\Y[T H]Y [XY\H[XY܈HY[^H[\[\X\˂Mݙ[X\ MMY[ڙX˚[ ML L ̌ M M͂