Electrical Contracting News (ECN) November 2016 - Page 14

CONTRACT NEWS EAST END ELECTRICITY Wieland Electric’s Metalynx2 structured wiring system has been installed for the distribution of all power and lighting throughout the newly refurbished Halley House Primary School in Arcola Street, London. The school, located in the Metropole College’s former building, was purchased by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) to ensure the provision of more primary schools in the E8 area in the future. Wieland’s Metalynx2 system was specified by electrical contractor Etech Southern, which designed and installed the complete electrical infrastructure for the project in accordance with the EFA output specification. The original college building had a conventional lighting system which was stripped out in its entirety and replaced with a DALI lighting control system designed to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. The Metalynx2 system is environmentally friendly as it arrives complete and ready to install on site with zero wastage. Compared to traditional power installation methods, the Metalynx2 system can reduce connection time by 70 per cent, which is critical when working to strict project deadlines. Metalynx2 also makes it easier to reconfigure systems in the future to accommodate changes in building usage or layout, thus supporting compliance with the government’s ‘Soft Landings’ concept. EXPANSION PROJECT A factory refurbishment and extension in Banbury has used Rapid Installation Systems (RIS) cable management solutions from Unitrunk to ensure a neat and durable installation within a tight, business critical programme. An advanced manufacturer of torque control equipment, Norbar Torque Tools has refurbished an existing 5,000m2 warehouse and constructed 2,000m2 of office accommodation around the perimeter as part of an ambitious expansion strategy. The company’s vision is to create a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and the design incorporates a marketing suite with windows looking out directly onto the factory floor so that visitors can view production. Installed by electrical contractor CT Walters Electrical, the cable management infrastructure was designed to complement this advanced engineering vision. Unitrunk’s channel was fixed to the building’s steel frame with threaded steel rods to create a support structure, which is fully visible above the production area. A main spine of 900mm Unitrunk cable ladder was then fixed to the channel to support sub mains cables with ribs of 600mm and 300mm cable ladder branching out from the central run. The submains cabling was installed using Unitrunk’s RIS Uniklip cable tray and power is delivered down to the factory floor via a central network. 10-14 Contract News.indd 14 COUNCIL PROGRAMME North Lanarkshire Council, the largest local authority housing owner in Scotland, has begun a programme to replace its carbon monoxide (CO) alarms with Aico AudioLink Ei208 Lithium battery powered CO alarms. The council, which is the fourth largest Scottish local authority, owns over 37,000 houses. A forward thinking body, it was an early adopter of CO alarms, understanding the potential dangers a CO leak can bring to tenants. As these alarms are coming to the end of their lives, the council made the decision to switch to Aico Ei208. Aico’s AudioLink technology allows for real time data to be extracted via the alarm’s sounder – all you need is an Aico AudioLink enabled CO alarm, a tablet or smartphone and the free AudioLink App. North Lanarkshire Council is fitting the Ei208 CO alarms into kitchens and, for maximum safety, any rooms with a flue passing through. Up to 3,500 properties will be updated with the new alarms every year as part of an ongoing planned maintenance programme. 14/10/2016 15:05