Electrical Contracting News (ECN) November 2016 - Page 10

CONTRACT NEWS SCHOOL OF HARD-WEAR RESISTANT KNOCKS COUNT ON IT Marshall-Tufflex’s Elegance 110 aluminium profile has been installed in two refurbished teaching laboratories at the University of Warwick’s School of Engineering. Warwick’s School of Engineering is one of the leading engineering schools in the UK, bringing together key branches of the subject. With an international reputation for excellence, its facilities need to be of the highest standard. Installed by the school’s own electrical technicians and supplied by Edmundson Electrical, Elegance 110 aluminium, together with Marshall-Tufflex aluminium bench trunking, provides power and data connections to laboratory workbenches for computers and test equipment. Hard-wearing and lightweight, Elegance 110 aluminium is perfect for educational projects, where a robust yet stylish cable management solution with extra mechanical strength and a higher cable capacity is required. It is finished with a high quality powder coat for a modern, blemish resistant surface. Pre-punched dividers deliver quick installation. Elegance 110 aluminium is an excellent choice for office and educational areas requiring stylish yet robust trunking. The Elegance range is supported by fabricated fittings and is compatible with Marshall-Tufflex’s flush power and data accessories and standard UK wiring power/accessories. REL Electrical has been awarded a £1.76m design and build contract for the refurbishment of a six storey commercial building located in the heart of London. Appointed by Kershaw Mechanical Services, REL is currently on site at Abacus House in Gutter Lane, close to St Paul’s underground station. The team is providing electrical services throughout the 64,986ft2 property, which is being upgraded into high specification office space for tenants. The 10-month project includes all power, data, security and access control installations as well as specialist lighting, including in the main reception area. Kier is the main contractor for the project. TV STAR REO UK has supplied a voltage stabiliser to Initiative Electrical for use during the filming of Channel 4’s year long documentary, Eden. The television series sees 24 individuals spend a year creating their own society from scratch in a remote estate in the Scottish Highlands. An embedded camera crew follows the participants as they fend for themselves in the unforgiving terrain of the Scottish Highlands, capturing how they overcome the challenges of being cut off from the modern world. Given the remote nature of the site and limited protection from the elements, the camera crew and production staff need access to continuous, reliable power all year round. To achieve this, Initiative Electrical supplied Channel 4 with a range of power equipment, including a voltage stabiliser from REO UK. The stabiliser has been designed to mitigate input voltage fluctuations and regulate this for a consistent output. To account for every possibility, the stabiliser also has a redundancy built into the system to maintain an ongoing, high quality power supply in the event of failure. STUDENT SERVICES LJJ has been awarded the £8.5m building services installation at Willmott Partnership Homes’ £39m student accommodation scheme for Royal Holloway, University of London, delivered as part of the Scape Major Works Framework. Heralded as a ‘new model for student accommodation’, the scheme has been designed by Stride Treglown in Bristol and will form the cornerstone of the historic university’s North Campus in Egham, Surrey. Comprising 621 student bedrooms across 56 townhouses, along with an amenity block with a lecture theatre and teaching spaces. The BREEAM Excellent scheme will see LJJ install a new district heating system in the new amenity block linked to the university-wide BMS (building management system), with a CHP unit (combined heat and power) as the primary energy source, delivering 90kW of thermal energy and 49kW of electrical energy. The system will also include three gas fired boilers with a total output of 1,250kW for boost and back up. LJJ will inst [HKZ[[]Y\XX][XZ[][[[\H][Y[[]\X][Y\X]\Hۚ\\XHH ]HUH X][[\XH[] H[XXZ[[˂SUSUBTPBYHR\Y[ܘ[YH0B۝X܈ܚ˜]ܝ^\\B[[8&\]‘\X\[[\\˂H۝X [[ۜ][”Yx&\^\Y[H[[]\[ڙXHYX][ۈX܋[Z[Hݚ\[ۂوYX[X[ XXX[[[XX[[[][ۂ\X\ˈ]\˜]\Y[B\]]]H[\BY\ܛ\ H M p\[][]B[\\[X[[]H K Xۙ\H  [X\B  HX\HYX\Y[ LNYX\ H[ݚYH]˜[][]HX[]Y\[Y[H^ [[K [H[[Z[[]\Z]KYx&\]\H[Hو\ۜX[]Y\]H]B\\HIHܚ[Y[H[[][ۈو[\\]\B]\ HX][[]\H\K]X\Y[[\[[][ۋ\H[\\[X\]H\[\˂YH[[[[[ݘ]]HY[۝\[H[XBZ[[X[Y\Y\Y\Y]H]K\X[\H\H]\[Y\X[[ HܙY[][ۈ\™^XY^HHYۚYX[H[[\\[\HX[Y[Y[ PTTH]YHY]H\[H\Y\[[X&\”[ܛ\H[\H۝[[XH\Y[[[Y]H][HXܘ]ܞHX[]H8$\وHXZ[H\X\[\\[XYKۜY\YHHR&\XY[[\\]\ܝX\HYH[Y[H[\\KH[ܙH[Yܘ]Y\X\[\ۛY[ݚYYHH]Z[[[[B[]]x&\\]][ۘ[[\[\[Z]H]H\X\Yܘ[[Y\™][[[Y[H\\Y\[XY\X][X[\X\KH[\[K\YY[[[YHXY\\[\\\YۙY\[H^ [[X[ܛT[[YHY\XB\H۝[[[ܜܘ][\[X][B Y\XH]X\[ L][[\ݚYHH\]HZ[[\[B][ۈ]^XH]\H[YX\X[]Y\˂[X&\Y\8&[8&H[ܛœ\Y\X\[Y\H\HY\[\ق\ܛX[KY]H[[XX[]H]XBXY[YH\X\X[]H[X[˂Lݙ[X\ ML LM۝X]˚[ LL L ̌ M MB