Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 70

COMPANY SHOWCASE SPONSORED STORIES FROM THE INDUSTRY DIGI-LINE ELECTRIC RADIATORS – THE SMART CHOICE FOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT WISKA LAUNCHES THE TKS 32, A MULTIPLE CABLE ENTRY SOLUTION THAT IS HELPING TO EASE INSTALLATION The Digi-Line range of electric radiators from Electrorad feature unique independent double panel control, built-in energy monitoring (on the TouchE3 option), and virtual open window sensors, making Digi-Line an effi cient and easy to control alternative to traditional central heating. It is also an ideal replacement for outdated storage heaters and panel heaters. Unlike competitor models that only feature a single panel, Digi-Line radiators are available with two heating panels, meaning considerably more heat power can be produced. Also, the two heat panels can operate separately from each other to ensure the most effi cient use of energy and maximum comfort. All Digi-Line radiators also incorporate virtual open window sensors that will automatically respond accordingly should a window be opened. The radiator will sense a draft and stop heating until the window has been closed. Also key to its energy management capabilities is an energy monitor that is built-in to Digi-Line’s Wi-Fi hub (TouchE3) to enable wireless control and direct management of home heating from anywhere in the world. Wiska has drawn upon its 98 years of expertise in cable entry systems to develop a new type of cable entry. The TKS 32. The TKS 32 is a new and innovative solution that is exciting contractors across the UK. The TKS 32 is a membrane with four entries giving IP66 protection and cable retention (according to EN62444) for quick and easy installation. Simply push the TKS 32 into the unit and insert cable through the membrane to complete installation. It is suitable for 16 or 25mm tails and 10 or 16mm earth. Ideal for both internal and external applications, the TKS 32 is glow wire tested to 960°C. The sleek low profi le design allows for a fl ush fi tting helping to save on space, and with no additional locknut required you also save on time and money too. For further information visit: www.electrorad.co.uk CABLE COMPANION – PULLING CABLE WITHOUT THE SNAGS SWA’s patented new Cable Companion solves the problem of cables snagging on the drum, saving busy installers time and money. Its simple but ingenious swinging tension arm keeps cable properly wound on its reel at all times – even when it is not being pulled. Cable Companion makes the job quicker, easier and hassle free, so no more returning to the drum to sort out tangles. Reels are securely mounted on Cable Companion with a strong, easy to use catch. Its 360° rotational design means that cable can be pulled in any direction or to any height. Alternatively, the dispenser can be locked in one position. Cable Companion features a sturdy and stable fl oor standing frame, but the range also includes a special bracket for clamping the dispenser to joists, so it’s ideal for use in lofts, too. Ca ble Companion easily folds away fl at, making it convenient to transport and store. Built to last, its robust metal construction will give many years of service. The Cable Companion range features fi ve products: Single-reel unit c/w base; multi- reel unit c/w base; single-reel, head only; multi-reel, head only and joist bracket. For further information visit: www.swaonline.co.uk or watch the video demo at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXXFjXWmmBE FLUKE OFFERS NEW INTRODUCTORY PRICES ON THE RECENTLY LAUNCHED LASER LEVEL PRODUCTS The Fluke laser level family enables layout tasks to be performed fast, simply and accurately, in every environment. Designed to survive a 1m drop and keep working, the laser levels feature a fast settling, self-levelling gimbal that quickly delivers accurate reference points. Until 30th June 2017, Fluke laser levels are available at new introductory prices while stocks last, with some models representing savings of over 30 per cent. They can be seen at www.fl uke.co.uk/laserlevels The laser levels offer full-room line projection to all walls, including fl oor and ceiling, with clear, thin lines which do not fade with distance. Layout work can be achieved quickly since stabilisation is achieved in less than one second and they require no laser locking when they are moved. Accurate layout and transfer of drawings to work sites can also be achieved, as well as accurate alignment of outlets, switches and sockets, level lines for pipes and conduit, or vertical plumbing of chases and conduit. All laser level models include magnetic wall brackets for easy, stable mounting. For further information visit: www.fl uke.co.uk 70 | May 2017 For further information visit: www.wiska.co.uk TRIDONIC LAUNCHES DEVICECONFIGURATOR SOFTWARE FOR EASY CONFIGURATION OF LUMINAIRES Tridonic has launched deviceConfi gurator, new software that allows customers to edit driver settings whilst reducing programming errors. The software can confi gure both Tridonic’s Premium and Excite drivers and supports the DALI USB interface and the ready2mains programmer. The system has many advantages which include: Optimised work processes – deviceConfi gurator ensures that production personnel can write the correct driver settings easily and precisely into the luminaire. This allows the new tool to make your confi guration processes more effi cient during production. Error reduction – A traffi c light function provides personnel with direct feedback on confi guration status, allowing them to verify the work step. In addition, secure driver identifi cation is guaranteed through barcode scanning. DALI also provides optional verifi cation of the written parameters. Security – Password protection for scripts, preventing them from being altered during production. This provides an additional layer of protection for the correct confi guration. DeviceConfi gurator is available for free download at: www.tridonic.com/com/en/ software-deviceconfi gurator.asp ADJUSTABLE COLOUR TEMPERATURE FIRE RATED DOWNLIGHTS FROM NATIONAL LIGHTING National Lighting has launched the Eon Plus LED, a brand new range of fi re rated downlights that provide an output of up to 600 lumens. Their new built-in switch enables an immediate adjustment of the colour temperature, from warm or cool white to daylight. Adding to their exceptionally low profi le design, with a wide range of fi nishes to choose from, the Eon Plus LEDs have a quick ‘twist and release’ replacement mechanism and come with a dimmable driver. The Eon Plus LEDs by National Lighting are extremely effi cient and could save you up to 80 per cent in comparison with traditional halogens. For further information visit: www.nationallighting.co.uk