Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 68

COMPANY SHOWCASE SPONSORED STORIES FROM THE INDUSTRY SAMOSPRO COMPACT-PLUS OFFERS ENHANCED FUNCTIONALITY Wieland Electric has added six new industrial press function control blocks to its samosPro Compact- Plus family of programmable safety controllers, and integrated support for both EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT fi eldbus communication protocols. The expanded capabilities of the samosPro Compact-Plus modules make it simple for anyone involved in machine design to seamlessly integrate peripheral devices into the automation network and to relay control information back to these devices, using one of several industrial communications protocols. The use of these pre-designed press control function blocks allows machine design engineers to easily and cost effectively add critical safety control functions to both new and existing industrial press systems. The new samosPro Compact-Plus variants offer enhanced functionality, including certifi ed function blocks for the safe automation of mechanical or hydraulic presses with support for multiple fi eldbus protocols. The modules offer six control function blocks to monitor press contacts, ensuring proper signal sequencing and timing during press operation, whilst controlling press operation during setup, single-stroke, automatic, and cyclic modes. NEW ADDITION TO THE DOBYGRIP RANGE Doby Verrolec has extended its DobyGrip wire suspension system with the addition of a popular accessory: Wire with nail anchor FNA II-OE. The product provides electricians with an extremely safe, durable and effi cient method for fi xing into cracked and non-cracked concrete as well as structures made of solid sand-lime brick, natural stone with a dense structure and pre-stressed hollow-core concrete slabs. The wire with nail anchor FNA II-OE uses a hammerset installation principle to allow it to expand automatically under load, reducing installation time and offering the ideal solution to suspend any static load including cable tray and luminaires. Manufactured from zinc-plated steel, it is ETA approved for use in C12/15 and C50/60 concrete. The new product has a safe working load of up to 50kg when used with DobyGrip DG2. It can be supplied loose or pre-attached to the galvanised wire rope and has an extremely short anchor depth that prevents reinforcement hits and ensures a fast, trouble free installation. For further information visit: www.dobygrip.com For further information visit: www.wieland.co.uk CERTAG’S HEAVY DUTY INSPECTION LABELS FOR HARSH WORKING ENVIRONMENTS One of Certag’s most widely used products is its heavy duty PAT label. Unlike standard PAT labels that are designed for environments such as offi ces and schools, they have been developed to withstand harsh environments such as construction, oil and gas, and heavy manufacturing. They are printed on tear resistant materials that withstand abrasion, chemicals and weather. When wrapped around the cord of equipment, the automotive grade adhesive forms a watertight bond that will last for the life of the test inspection period. Certag offers off-the-shelf products in packs of 100 with no minimum order quantity and free shipping. Designs can be fully customised for orders of fi ve packs or more to include company logo and contact details. For further information visit: www.certags.co.uk NEW AND IMPROVED RT THERMOSTAT RANGE FROM SALUS The new Salus RT310 and RT510 thermostats replace the highly successful RT300 and RT500 ranges. Whilst the RT310 is a simple digital thermostat, the RT510 offers programmable capabilities. Both thermostats are available wi