Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 67

SPONSORED STORIES FROM THE INDUSTRY ML ACCESSORIES’ KNIGHTSBRIDGE BT LED BULKHEAD RANGE ML Accessories has added to its Knightsbridge BT LED bulkhead range with the introduction of a 9W version as well as the addition of an ‘eyelid’ accessory, designed for areas where an element of lighting control is needed. Now available in 9W, 14W and 20W in cool white or daylight, the BT range has a low profile design making it ideal for hallways and sheltered external areas of houses and offices. Where lighting control is required, the new eyelid accessories, available in black, grey or silver, are the perfect fit. Designed for the BT9 and BT14, they minimise light pollution and focus light precisely where it is needed, for instance on walkways and entrance areas. Easy and quick to install, the eyelids simply push to fit over the standard bulkhead. The range is manufactured from robust polycarbonate with an integral LED making them lightweight and energy efficient. Available in standard, emergency, sensor and corridor dimmable options, the bulkheads are wall and ceiling mountable and come with an extended three-year warranty. For further information visit: www.mlaccessories.co.uk COMPANY SHOWCASE FLEX CONNECTORS’ NEW FLEX7 SCENE SETTING PANEL Flex Connectors has released a new scene setting panel to complement the flex7 ZoneLite, part of its extensive lighting controls range. With simple, intuitive user operation the wall mounted panel allows users to select four scenes from those available with a flex7 ZoneLite and instantly recall them with the simple press of a button. If needed, scenes can be further adjusted by dimming up/down individual channels, to create a tailor made lighting scene. The panel fits all standard 50mm x 50mm euro module front plates, and is available in black or white to suit. The whole panel simply snaps into place. In line with the rest of the flex7 lighting connection and control range, the scene setting panel utilises simple plug-in connection. For further information visit: http://bit.ly/2mDcC2F TRIDONIC’S NEW CLE TUNABLE WHITE MODULES HAVE THE FEEL GOOD FACTOR Tridonic has added CLE Tunable White modules to its existing Tunable White range for round wall and ceiling luminaires. The modules incorporate an adjustable colour temperature which can be set from 3,000K to 6,000K with the luminous flux remaining constant. Tridonic’s CLE Premium modules are designed for round wall and ceiling luminaires and are available as pre-calibrated sets. In addition to four or eight LED modules, which lead to module diameters of 261mm, 401mm or 541mm, the sets contain low profile LED drivers. The drivers provide various connection options via their digital interface: DALI device type 8, DSI, switchDIM and colourTemperature. This ensures a constant high quality of light with a CRI>80 and small colour tolerances corresponding to MacAdam 3 across the entire dimming range from 10 to 100 per cent. The colour temperature remains constant during dimming. The CLE Tunable White system requires no additional cooling and has a life of 50,000 hours. The manufacturer offers a five-year system guarantee. For further information visit: www.tridonic.com FORTIS – ROBUST EXTERIOR LED LUMINARIES FROM LUCECO Luceco has launched the Fortis family, an LED exterior range with wall pack and bulkhead luminaire styles. Fortis’ wall pack is stylish yet practical, offering an energy efficient alternative to HID fittings with a 45W LED luminaire being the equivalent of a 70W traditional HID fitting, and a high space to height ratio providing the idea retrofit alternative to existing wall pack installations. With CRI>80, Fortis’ wall pack is ideal for CCTV areas. Variants include standard output, photocell and emergency options. Fortis’ bulkhead offers multiple mounting options and is the perfect replacement for many 2D bulkhead fittings, available in emergency and with microwave sensor versions for improved [\H][˂ܝ\H][ܙ܈8&ۙ&K[Y]HH؝\YH\\[[X\ۘ]HY\\\[[ܙ\X[ۈوT H\[\ L \&B\][ۘ[YH8$Hۙ۝[\[H^\[܈Q[Z[Z\HX\] UQQSPPHPSӈTSTHVPӂ^Xۈ\›][YZY]™^XHۙZ][\[YY[X™][XZBXH[[][ۜ™\\[\\[Y\܈\X][ۜœ\]Z\[XYY[H[\œX\[H \XX]]X[[YYX[[\Y\˂YHۛBۙH[Z[›YYY [[][ۜœ]HXK]\BXZ[[[H\[YXY[H^\[\Z][H\XY \ܘYY܈YY]Z[[X[\ܝ\[ۈ[]\XH[H[YX[]]\\Z[H]B[ܙ\X[ۈ[Z[\[\ۈ܈X[[˂H]^XHۙZ]\H]Z[XH]Y\[ۜX[ۜ][X]\BH[]\ݙ\X[YX\YHH\ݙY[ܙYY[X\Y[[\[[H\Y]\X[Y[][ۈ L ̌ LK[ۙZ]\H\]XH]^X۸&\Z[\Y[YY[X][˂HYY[XܘYHZ[\Y[ ܘYH M H][]HY[\YۙY[Xܙ[H]\[XX[\H\Yۈ[\SM̋L[Y]HقXX[\H8$YY[H\]Z\[Y[܈H\YۈوXX[\HSTM MNKXX][[ܜܘ]\YH\\[ۈX[[HYH]X[][B[ܙ\و[X\XK]\[\X\][܈X\X[Z[\[\]Z[XH[ M[H [H[ۜ[ZYY]XXY\]]]\˂[\Y]ۙHوHYY[X[HوۙZ]HXHX[ۈ\[Bٙ\[ܙ\\ܛX[HوT T T  \H[T KHۙZ][HYY[Xœ[\[]HH[ݙ\܈X\HX[[\H^XH܈[\H][[ ܂[[ZX[[][ۜ[]HHZ[ܘYۜX[ۈ܈\\[ۈ[ H[\[YHۋ[Y][X[Y][X\[ۜ]Y\[\[ۜ˂HY][X[H[X]\\H\[ۈ][[\[ZY^Y\X[ٙ\SP\ܛX[K^Xۈ[ٙ\ݙ\ Y\[^XHۙZ]][ۜ[\HX\HX]\Y[H] LY][ۈX[][ۜZYK܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˙^XۋZ˘B܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˛XX˘BX^H M