Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 65

WIRING ACCESSORIES SPECIAL FEATURE The latest additions to Legrand’s Synergy wiring accessories embody style and performance. Timeless style, reliable performance The Elements Collection from MK Electric has been developed in response to an increased focus on design. The latest additions to Legrand’s Synergy wiring accessories embody style and performance, ‘Sleek Design’ is joined by the timeless ‘Authentic’ collection, providing the perfect fit for any interior. A popular choice since its launch in 2005, the Synergy collection has evolved to feature a range of new options and designs to meet the needs of a broad customer base. Keeping pace with modern lifestyles, the collection covers a variety of enduring functions such as USB chargers, universal dimmers and RCD sockets all with a range of grid plates for complete functionality and a single control point. Offering smooth contours and no visible screws, Sleek Design is both beautifully slim and compact for a stylised finish. Meanwhile, the Authentic collection showcases an all metal finish from front plate to rocker. Other featured upgrades include the addition of a blue LED which lights when the socket is activated, for a touch of personality. Both designs are available in three distinct finishes: brushed stainless steel, opulent gold and polished stainless steel. Richard Hayward, lead marketing manager for wiring devices at Legrand UK, says, ‘Whether a home, an office or even a hotel, Synergy offers the diversity of style and functionality that make it the ideal companion for any interior. From the simple functionality of a traditional wiring accessory, to smart home capabilities, all of Legrand’s wiring devices help end users to live life better no matter which collection they choose.’ IPX4 waterproof charging The waterproof dual USB charge socket from Scanstrut has been designed for the world’s toughest environments. The charge socket is completely secure once installed making it ideal for users who want to keep their tech charged at all times. The anti-corrosion coating on circuit board combines with a UV resistant shell and 316 stainless hinge and spring guarantee the USB charge socket will always look and perform at its best. The waterproof dual USB charge socket from Scanstrut. With a low profile, compact design and small footprint, the socket can be flush mounted almost anywhere to create a neat and aesthetically pleasing overall look for your installation. The socket will work with any USB Type-A connector to charge up to two devices at a time and is easy to install and can be both opened and closed with ease – even with gloves on. Delving into design Thanks to a growing interest in interior design and a preference for design led technology, customers are constantly looking for innovative wiring accessory products to enhance their design aesthetic. In response to this increased focus on design, MK Electric has developed its Elements Collection, a range of stylish electrical sockets, contemporary light switches and electronic dimmers that come with touch control and ‘vapour trail’ LED displays Inspired by materials such as wood, leather and stone, the range is available in 16 standard finishes across four material designs – synthetics, g ́аɅ́х+LɥݥمɥɅ)̰ѕɥ́́͡Ѽ)ѡ͡ѽՍѼ䁥ѕɥȸ)Q́Ʌͼٕ)ݡЁ́Ѽչѥ䃊L)مѥٔѽՍɽ)ݥѠمȁɅUMɝ)ͽѥ́ݥѠѕɅѕUM(ȵݥэͽЁѱ́)ɼձ̰́مɥ䁽)ѥѕ́ѡЁɽ٥)Ёͽѥ̰Ѽٔ)ձѥɥ)٥ѕձѥ)٥Յ䁥х٥̸)5ɔɽ)]ѠQՅɓé܁MP]չ̰)́ȁѼa])ɕdѼɽɽȁ)ɔԁѼ́ɕ͕)ȁȁݥэݥѠQՅɓéMP)]չ̰ȁЁݥѠȁ])ݹѡɕQՅɐQ)ȁ݅ѕȁѕȁ)ѡ%ѕɹЁQ̸ݕѡɽ)ѥͼѼɽё)ѕ̸́)Q܁٥́܁ѡѽ)ɔɽٕȁѡЁɝ)鱕́ѡȁɽ)Q́ԁѼ͕Ё)ѥ̰Ʉaӊdȁ)ЁѼЁݡѡȁ)Ёͽѡ́ȁ5ձѥMP)]չ́ɽɽѡ)єѕɽٕȁ)́ѼՈ͕́Ս́)̰Օ́ȁѕ̸)QՅɓéMP]չи)5܁