Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 64

SPECIAL FEATURE WIRING ACCESSORIES WIRED AND WONDERFUL Russell Drury takes a look at some of the latest wiring products aimed at the modern environment.  T o satisfy the demands of the connected customer, new products such as power and data supply at workstations have surged on to the market. Whether they are in a conference room or personal study, customers want to be plugged in and connected at all times. Most importantly, customers want solutions that are modular, flexible and easy to install in both commercial and residential applications. However, in order to capitalise from this trend installers need to know what they are getting into. When considering installation, the first step must be to account for the type and size of the job in hand, taking into consideration the location of the installation and the product. Once this has been determined the other aspects of the installation such as speed, cost and safety 64 | May 2017 Schneider Electric’s Desk Unit range. need to be assessed. The optimal solution will be the one best suited to today`s business environment, where time is money, and should therefore be quick and easy to install and customise. With an innovative and modular approach to product design and installation, Schneider Electric’s Desk Unit range ensures that customers can meet the demands of the digital age. The Desk Unit provides complete functionality and contains integrated USB chargers that ensure customers remain switched on and connected in today’s digital age. Leandro Souza, category manager for wiring accessories at Schneider Electric, comments, ‘These solutions satisfy a demand for power and data connectivity whilst making life more convenient and comfortable for users and opening up new business opportunities for innovative electrical installers and wholesalers.’