Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 62

SPECIAL FEATURE WIRING from qualifi ed electricians to ensure quality of work and safety on site. Modular wiring by design releases skilled labour from the relatively time consuming and repetitive task of wiring up buildings to concentrate on other, maybe more lucrative tasks. Myth: Relying on external suppliers puts projects at the mercy of others Engaging the modular system supplier in the design process helps with planning to avoid installation delays from initial concept to fi nal project handover, whilst ensuring that installations are compliant to BS8488 and BS7671. Myth: It’s too expensive Yes there is a higher upfront cost for modular wiring compared to traditional hard wired systems, but this amount is typically dwarfed by the savings in man hours on site. Modular systems typically save 70 per cent of the installation time and 30 per cent of the cost of a hard- wired system. Modular wiring specialists are increasingly offering a bespoke service, providing design, assembly and supply, as well as on site consultancy and project management. Outsourcing these aspects to a trusted adviser can improve installation quality, as well as improving on site health and safety, and reducing waste on site. Myth: It’s unreliable Any reputable company will test its systems and their components before they leave the warehouse. Modern modular wiring systems should be free from maintenance, so that as long as they are installed correctly and operated within rated limits, they will remain connected and functional for the life of the installation. The increasing use of spring pressure connectors makes components immune to temperature cycling and vibrations, making them far more reliable than equivalent screw connections. Modular systems typically save 70 per cent of the installation time and 30 per cent of the cost of a hard- wired system. Modular wiring might have a higher material cost, but this is far outweighed by the time, labour and ultimately cost savings when it comes to installing. From the designer through to the end user, and every contractor and installer in between, modular wiring can bring considerable improvements in reliability and greater fl exibility. As the myths continue to be debunked and we move towards greater integration, control and intelligence in buildings, modular wiring systems are increasingly showing themselves to be the most time and cost effective solution for the UK construction industry. All building types can benefi t from modular wiring. NEXT ISSUE ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING AT HOME The UK’s leading manufacturer of EV charging points ü ü ü Over 55,000 EV charging points manufactured to date The UK’s largest range of EV charging points EV charging points for the home, business and public sector AT WORK ON STREET CHARGE POINT TESTING For more details, either contact Rolec’s technical/support/sales team or visit your local electrical wholesaler t: ++44 (0)1205 724754 : rolec@rolecserv.co.uk www.rolecserv.com SECURITY SUPPLEMENT In add ition to its regular range of news and viewpoints, the June issue of ECN will contain a supplement dedicated to security as well as special features relating to commercial vehicles & EV infrastructure and energy management. The supplement and features will include articles and information from major companies, providing a range of information about the latest issues and technological developments affecting the sectors. For electrical contractors, the features will prove to be a valuable reference point for all that is happening within this area. Commercial vehicles & EV Infrastructure Energy management To make sure that you don’t miss this major opportunity to advertise your products to ECN’s 40,000 readers, call Kelly Byne on 01634 673163 / kelly@allthingsmedialtd.com