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INDUSTRY NEWS CERTSURE NAMED 52ND BEST FIRM TO WORK FOR IN THE UK Certsure, which operates the NICEIC and ELECSA brands, has been named one of the nation’s Top 100 companies to work for the fi fth year running. Certsure ranked 52nd in the Times Top 100 list, up an impressive 27 places on last year’s position of 79. CEO Emma Clancy commented, ‘To deliver the best service possible to our customers we understand that our teams need to feel empowered, skilled and motivated. ‘We have invested in staff training programmes and created an environment that gives our teams the platform to succeed. That is why this award is so important to us. It recognises that we are a people business and allows us to better serve our customers.’ Certsure employs more than 300 people nationally, including 120 staff at its headquarters in Dunstable. It also has offi ces in Mansfi eld and Chesterfi eld and a fi eld team who carry out assessments throughout the UK. Last year Certsure staff raised more than £15,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support ‘The best companies process is about creating a culture of achievement that makes people want to work for Certsure,’ added Emma. ‘I am confi dent we have that and I am, personally, extremely proud of everything we do here. It is only through our staff that we can achieve such great results and I thank them all for their hard work and dedication.’ The Times Top 100 list is based on employee feedback across eight factors of working life including leadership, wellbeing, personal growth and fair deal. INDUSTRY LEGEND SIGNS OFF FROM FINAL TECHTALK After more than 100 shows industry legend Tony Cable signed off from his last TechTalk event recently. The veteran has decided to call time on his career after more than 60 years in the electrical industry. There was a packed audience at Leicester Racecourse to witness his fi nal TechTalk – the series of regional roadshows he has co-presented for the last nine years. Tony’s career began in 1957 as an apprentice aged just 15. He went straight from the playground to the building site, embarking on a six-year apprenticeship. He worked in both the domestic and commercial sectors before going on to own his own electrical contracting business. He then moved into college lecturing. Tony joined NICEIC in 1998 and spent seven years on NICEIC’s Technical Helpline, before joining the Marketing Team in 2005 as senior marketing and events engineer. Since then he has gone on to present a series of award winning DVDs aimed at electrical students and apprentices. He also appeared on a number of TV programmes such as Rogue Traders and Help My House Is Falling Down as the electrical expert. In 2009, Tony won the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Electrical Excellence’ from the Electrical Times, in recognition of his career achievements. Tony commented, ‘I have enjoyed my time in the industry immensely. It has been very good to me and allowed me to carry out a number of different roles. ‘Since the day I started I have been fortunate enough to not have to spend one day out of work. There have been many changes along the way and the majority of them for them for the better. It is a much safer place to work now and for anyone considering a career in the trade I would say, go for it.’ Although offi cially retiring from his TechTalk duties Tony will be making one fi nal appearance at Live South in Epsom on 18th May. Industry legend Tony Cable. CONSTRUCTION PROCUREMENT FRAUD IS COSTING THE SECTOR BILLIONS With the construction sector already fi ghting the highest levels of late payments of any industry in the UK, research shows that procurement fraud is also costing construction companies billions of pounds. The recent PKF Annual Fraud Indicator (2016) report puts total fraud losses to the UK at a staggering £193bn. Couple this with evidence that fraud is costing SMEs in the construction industry around £2bn and it is clear that now, more than ever, contractors have to take steps to protect themselves. Authorities can tackle some of the issues which lead to fraud in the sector. They can examine key data containing employee and contractor addresses; bank accounts can be analysed to highlight suspicious links, while reverse online auctions can be used to drive down prices, provide audit trails and foil rigged bids. But there are simple, free online tools that SMEs can access to help combat fraud too. David Stapleton, CEO and founder of the free procurement and collaboration platform TenderSpace, points out that by taking a few easy steps, contractors can gain more insight into who they work with, and enhance their reputation at the same time. ‘By running a credit risk report on your supply chain partners, you can check their payment history and negate the risk of fraud and late payment,’ he said. ‘Specifi ers also want to work with contractors who can show their qualifi cations and trustworthiness for jobs too. Prequalifi cation documents can take time to fi ll in, but easy to use technology like TenderSpace can help with all of these issues and make collaborating easier - and safer.’ For further information visit: www. thetenderspace.com Tenderspace CEO David Stapleton. 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