Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 59

WIRING ACCESSORIES most flexible and efficient means of doing this is the use of modules on a multiple aperture plate. By offering modular switch plates as standard, manufacturers can facilitate the quick and easy creation of virtually any switch plate design required. With such a wide range of modules available, contractors and installers have total flexibility to quickly and easily customise bespoke designs and solutions on site, assembling up to as many as 24 different switching functions on a single plate, if required. Modular wiring’s flexibility means that there is no minimum project size and it is easier for contractors to take on bigger projects than they might otherwise do. From single room solutions to the largest multi-million pound new build hospitals, systems can be either retrofitted or newly installed to provide users with safe, reliable and convenient power and lighting services. Smart homes As the evolution of the smart home gathers apace, the market is witnessing a continued increase in the appetite for smart technology from end users. Whilst this advance is bringing significant business opportunities for switched on electrical contractors and installers, there is a reluctance on the part of some installers to fully embrace this new technology as it is deemed too complicated to install and they are therefore unwilling to upsell to customers. However, with the right wiring accessory products it is now easier than ever for installers to provide an upgrade to an existing wiring installation with minimal disruption. Smart switches are helping to provide the answer. Here are three scenarios which we regularly come across as typical problem areas encountered by installers, where smart switches can provide a solution. • Adding an additional switch to an existing light without the need for cabling This can be done by fitting a switching module behind the light fitting you wish to activate (for example in the bathroom) and then add a switch controller to a convenient place in the bedroom. The bathroom light can now be easily turned on from the comfort of the bedroom. ‘The market is witnessing a continued increase in the appetite for smart technology from end users.’ • The problem of continuous flickering when you switch on one of your lights with a rotary dimmer This can be easily overcome using a multi- functional dimming receiver and a retractive switch. Replace the wired rotary dimmer with the retractive switch and add the receiver to the light fitting. This will instantly stop any flickering that may have occurred. • Introduce two-way dimming control from separate locations (wired) By using a multifunctional dimming receiver and two retractive switches, you will be able to dim from both locations, for example at the top and bottom of the stairs. Key influencing factors on the market include legislation on energy efficiency and carbon emissions. Wiring accessories account for a significant element of the overall investment in any electrical installation infrastructure and installers will be in favour of those products which, by being quick and easy to install, will not only save them time on the job but will also save them money. SPECIAL FEATURE