Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 56

SPECIAL FEATURE WIRING ACCESSORIES Unique, innovative features and benefi ts Commercial specifi ers think ahead. They’ll want to go above and beyond expectations by sourcing innovative accessories with benefi ts that are fi t for future regulations, as well as current. One such benefi t that eclipses regulations and can sway a specifi er’s decision are additional safety features. Health and safety will always be a priority, so any chance to improve on safety is huge bonus in the eyes of many. One example is multipin safety shutters, that make sure the sockets’ live and neutral pins stay closed, even when the earth pin is engaged. This feature is particularly attractive to commercial specifi ers as without engagement of all three pins of a BS1363 plug, it prevents public access to power supplies in busy commercial installations. In addition, specifi ers now seek innovative features that meet the ever evolving needs of the public. We live in an age in which it’s far more usual than unusual to own a smartphone. In its Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2016: UK Cut, Deloitte reported that an impressive 81 per cent of UK adults now own a smartphone. And this is only growing. People want to be able to charge their phone at any given moment, no matter their location. This ‘Due to the scale of the job, wiring accessories in commercial builds need to be easy to install.’ A slick and modern appearance has become a necessity, rather than a luxury, making sure accessories fi t naturally into every environment. means wiring accessories that incorporate USB charging outlets into fi xed installations are more than just desirable; they’re a requirement if you wish to satisfy public demand. But not only are they convenient for the public, they have another advantage. Fixed installation USB charging outlets reduce the risk of electrical fault that can occur with the use of fake smartphone chargers, helping to satisfy specifi ers’ desire to optimise safety. Easy installation and use Due to the scale of the job, wiring accessories in commercial builds need to be easy to install. For this reason, features including upward facing inline terminals should be high on a specifi er’s radar. The inline terminals’ easy connection layout improves installation because there’s no need to rotate or twist the accessory. Specifi ers aren’t just looking to make things easier for installers, but the public who’ll be using the building too. Building regulations require that wiring accessories contrast visually to a building’s decor so that all power sources are easy to spot. Meanwhile, light switches with large push pads aligning with door handles (within 900mm-1,100mm) are always preferred for the same reason. On sockets with multiple power sources it’s also an advantage to have switches that are well separated to avoid any potential for confusion. Commercial specifi ers are required to satisfy large and often challenging portfolios and needs when sourcing their wiring accessories. They’re not on the lookout for any one thing, the list is endless. Availability, quality, breadth, ease of use, aesthetics and innovative features are key in remaining one step ahead. They’re in search of a range that boasts of a variety of different benefi ts and innovations; it needs to cover all bases to be in with a chance of consideration. To put it simply, they’re looking for nothing less than the whole package.