Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 30

FEATURE APPRENTICESHIPS YOUNG, WILLING AND ABLE Over the past five years Hudson Contract has sponsored more than 80 apprentices through its Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme. Here, three of the scheme’s electrical apprentices discuss their experience so far. Ben Dolan – Electrical Apprentice Ben Dolan is a 16 year old electrical apprentice with Exley Smith Electrical based in North Yorkshire. Keen to begin a career, and to earn money while gaining a qualification, Ben felt an apprenticeship was the perfect choice for him. He explains, ‘I knew my mates would be at college full time and when they come to the end of it, who’s to say that they will even know what they want to with their lives? I’d rather be assured with my future than be unclear. ‘Since I started, I could never have predicted the things I’d pick up so quickly at both college and on site. You’re gaining site experience and taking what you learn into college with you to help you in your exams.’ On advising other young people to pursue an apprenticeship, Ben adds, ‘You’ll be working somewhere new almost every day and raking in the wonga! You may not like the image of the construction industry, even I was unsure of it at first, but now, I love it! Take every opportunity that you may think will benefit you – you will never know.’ Sean Thornton. Sean Thornton – Electrotechnical Apprentice Max Thompson, owner of Yorkshire firm Max Power Electrical, is only 26 years old, and is already helping young people to get their vital first job in construction. Sean Thornton, 21, was invited to join the firm as its very first apprentice last year. Max says, ‘I’ve steadily built my business and reputation over the past four years and I was looking for somebody to work alongside me. Yes, I could have taken on an experienced electrician, but many of the jobs I go to need two people, so an apprentice made better sense.’ Sean comments, ‘Working and learning at the same time is the best part of being an apprentice. I’ve accompanied Max on all sorts of jobs, from flood damaged properties in York to completing the wiring for Yorkshire’s first malt whisky distillery. Some days are really long and it is hard work, but I know it will be worth it in the long term.’ 30 | May 2017 Jordan Forsdyke. Jordan Forsdyke – Electrical Apprentice Ben Dolan. Working towards an electrical apprenticeship with General Electrical in North Yorkshire, 18 year old Jordan Forsdyke says he would strongly recommend a career in construction to other young people. Jordan comments, ‘I have always been interested in the construction trade, and wanted to train alongside skilled, professional and experienced electricians. My goal in work is to produce and maintain well functioning electrical connections that are safe for everyone’s use, and minimise the risk of accidents while maximising the usability of electricity in all facilities. ‘Every day is a challenge with an apprenticeship – and I am always willing to take on that challenge as you learn something new and valuable every day. I would strongly recommend this apprenticeship to any interested individual who has a passion for learning a practical job from an experienced tradesman.’ Jordan continues, ‘The support given by attending college on a day release basis allows you to always feel supported, and know you are being guided in the right direction by the professionals who take the time to teach you. I am at an advantage in the sense that I receive regular assessments and reviews from the tutor at college visiting my work place – which I feel is a huge benefit to my progression. Due to this I never feel like I will struggle alone as I am constantly surrounded by people who are always willing to help, support and guide me to the profession that I have chosen.’