Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 29

ADVERTISEMENT ILLUMINATING THE PATH TO SUCCESS Lightsafe introduces a family of new high quality LED downlights. A All Lightsafe products carry a two-year warranty as standard. t Lightsafe, we are specialists in delivering high quality emergency lighting products. Fresh for 2017 we have introduced a range of products that contractors can be sure will deliver the reliability and high quality needed to get the job done in the professional manner expected in today’s market. Lightsafe and sister brand Firesafe offer a one-call solution for all contractors looking for a fi re alarm and emergency lighting solution. Whether its fi re alarm (FIA – Fire Industry Association) or emergency lighting (LIA – Lighting Industry Association) our fully supported and fully qualifi ed technical support department are ready to take your call and assist you in making the right application choice. Speaking directly with our engineers both pre and post-sales support is offered to contractors free of charge, and if required we will assist on site to ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Contractors can also take advantage of our 10 year Platinum Warranty delivering an impressive sales benefi t to the client and ultimately a real deal clincher. Lighting the way Six distinct and very capable LED emergency downlights, which deliver the performance and reliability sought after by clients have now been introduced. • The EDL1 proving perfect for installers and building owners looking for the discreet solution without effecting the look and aesthetics to existing lighting. • If replacing older style dichroic downlighters and looking for emergency options then the EDL2M is ideal as it offers both sleek looks and an option to include an additional bezel which is supplied free of charge if you have decoration issues to contend with. • Our 3W option was included to give contractors a different option to the typical emergency bulkhead that maybe the only solution from other suppliers. • The EDL3S open area unit is suitable for larger areas with high ceilings and has been tested to a height of 10m where some competing products are only good for a maximum of 4m. • For emergency lighting required for long corridors why not consider the EDL3C designed specifi cally for this type of application, due to the advanced technology this fi tting in some instances can replace up to three of the normal bulkheads that may have historically been used. Lightsafe and sister brand Firesafe offer a one-call solution for all contractors who need to cover their fi re alarm and emergency lighting requirements. Built-in complete solutions • Both 3W options deliver a compact design with built-in battery packs for the complete solution. • Due to positive feedback over recent months, Lightsafe have also added a 5W fully fl ush range for contractors looking for a maximum light level. • When aesthetics become a particular concern and a greater visual impact is r equired this is the only solution. • The EBLED3 is a perfect unit for contractors installing into hotel environments and feature multiple installation options in one single unit. • Supplied complete with six legends allowing any directional arrow to be utilised dependant on the installation required at that time. • Multi-fi t bracket allowing you to install either on wire surface mounted from the ceiling, fl ush into the ceiling, fl ush against or surface away from the wall all relevant brackets supplied free of charge. • 10 year Platinum Warranty terms and conditions on request. The perfect feature rich cost saving solution. All products have been rigorously third party tested and have all necessary photometric data available for contractors looking to get in volved in emergency lighting design applications; delivering peace of mind and the perfect solution across our professional range of products. Get in touch to fi nd out more! For further details visit www.fi resafe.co.uk/lightsafe May 2017 | 29