Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 28

COMPETITION WIN A SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S2 AND DUAL USB PORTABLE POWER BANK Thorn Lighting is giving readers the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Octa-core Exynos, Android, 9.7in, Wi-Fi, 32GB, Gold and Dual USB Portable Power Bank. ThornEco – the fast, effi cient way to replace conventional lighting The range consists of: Thorn Lighting has launched the ThornEco series, specifi cally tailored to meet the varying and sometimes challenging requirements of different applications. Designed for easy installation and utilisin g functional LED luminaires to meet and exceed the current and future requirements of wholesalers and installers alike, ThornEco is perfect for replacing conventional lighting with more cost effi cient LEDs, whilst not compromising on light quality or service life. • Julie – A highly effi cient wet room light offering energy savings of 60 per cent when compared to T26 fl uorescent lamps. The robust Julie features a high quality, opal effect cover that ensures even light distribution and is ideal for renovation projects in challenging environments where dust and moisture are present. • Lara – A versatile wall and ceiling light that comes in a choice of two sizes and housing colours, plus four decorative attachments that can change the appearance of the fi tting. • For protected outdoor area applications, the Alice fl oodlight features a sleek and compact, yet robust design in four different sizes and levels of brightness. • The Zoe LED is available in three different sizes and two colour temperature options and has an extremely fl at design, a low courtesy of installation depth and the benefi t of installation without the use of tools. • The highly effi cient Amy LED downlight delivers amazing energy savings of 80 per cent when compared to fl uorescent lamps and provides an even light distribution without any shadowy areas. • Stylish recessed LED luminaire Eve is the ideal choice for offi ce applications, providing gentle, soft and glare free light with maximum effi ciency and a UGR (Unifi ed Glare Rating) of less than 19. The dedicated ThornEco microsite can now be accessed at www.thorn-eco.com. To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following questions: 3. What is the name of the luminaire perfect for wet room installations? a) Jasmine b) Justine c) Julie 2. Zoe is available in how many size options? a) One b) Two c) Three 1. What are the energy savings associated ݥѠѡ䁱յɔ)ȁ)ȁ)ȁ)5ɍѥѥ)Qݥȁ ЁɅ)ѕ䁽Mɔ݅́5))YɔQ@ɽ̸) ͥє)ɥ́Ёɕɹ)Ё5ܸ9)ɕݥѕɕ)ѼQѽˊéͥ́)Qѡݥȁݥ)Չ͡ѡ)ձ䁥Ք) 8(Aɥ锁́Ё፡)QѕȰ͔єѡɴ܁ѼЀ̰ȁЁѼ 8 ѥѥQ́51ѐMեєаشIٕI1ɑݽ-а5ԀU)Qݕ́Ѽ5éѥѥɔ(ĸȸ̸)Aͽх)9)!ٔԁɕ٥ͱɕѕɕȁȁɕѡ䁍䁽 8)]Ё́ѡѥ٥)ȁͥ)e)!܁ɕȁ䁽 8((āɥɅѽ(ȁ5ՙɕ(̀ЀԁAՉѥѥ(؁ѥ́(܁QɅՅѥ(ȴ(д(ج)9)]ѡݥɕ)ɔԁѕɕѕ) ɍեЁɽѕѥݥэ)]ͅɥѥɔԁȁ䁽)ѡݥɅĀȁQЁե) ձх́Q(ā9% % Ё (ȁ ԁMɥ(́L؁ɔѕѥɝ䁱ѥ)M1 P܁1ѥ(!ѥٕѥѥ(QɅͽѥЀ=ѡȀ͔䤀ԁ9A%PUAL(؁1 M]ɥͽɥ(܁%Pā9ݽɬɅՍɕ(ȁ=ѡȀ͔)!܁䁙ձѥ啕)ݽɬȁȁ(Ĵ(Ĵ(ش(Ĭ(Ĵ()=ѡȀ͔(())Qѱ) 9)ɕ̀(Aэ)Q5))%хЁ9ѥ)ȁՑЁ͕́ݔѼєȁх͔ єѡ́ɴхѥ䁍́)ɔԁѡͥ́ѥ̸A͔ЁɝЁѼͥєȁɴѼɔ)ԁɕٔȁ饹ٕ䁵Ѡ)Mɔє