Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 24

TRAINING XPELAIR HELPS INSTALLERS UPSKILL WITH EXPERT TRAINING COURSES Introduction to KNX ‘Taster’ seminar: FREE 7th Jun 2017 12th Jul 2017 9th Aug 2017 KNX Certified Partner Basic Course: £750 22nd - 26th May 2017 10th - 14th Jul 2017 KNX Certified Advanced Committed to driving education within the industry, Xpelair is offering two levels of learning – designed to help customers to stay ahead of the game when it comes to modern ventilation and the opportunity it presents. Installers and contractors seeking to develop their skill set can now benefi t from three different BPEC courses, all of which conform to the new Summit Skills syllabus for ventilation and are certifi ed by the independent training organisation (BPEC). On completion of the BPEC training, installers are certifi ed to install all four ventilation systems for fi ve years – including mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR). The BPEC course is housed within Xpelair’s purpose built state-of-the-art training facility in Peterborough, whilst the CPD seminars are delivered across the UK. Both courses are run by the business’ team of ventilation experts who provide support and guidance to attendees beyond the four walls of the classroom. Lee Stones, category manager for Xpelair, said, ‘We’ve developed these courses specifi cally to cut through the confusion that surrounds the ventilation category, helping installers to stay fully up to date with industry changes and best practice in developing new systems, such as MVHR. We’d encourage all customers to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure they have the right skillset to meet future demand and grow their business.’ For further information visit: www.xpelair.co.uk FREE CPD-ACCREDITED WEBINARS FROM FLUKE Throughout 2107, Fluke is running a series of free, scheduled, CPD-accredited webinars. The fi rst of these is titled, Detecting Electrical Energy Loss Using Thermal Imaging, and is suitable for electricians, electrical contractors, electrical engineers, plant maintenance facility managers and energy managers. Other topics covered by the CPD-certifi ed webinar series include power quality and energy saving, which are also aimed at personnel including electrical engineers, plant maintenance facility managers and energy managers. The Detecting Electrical Energy Loss Using Thermal Imaging webinars focus on the use of thermal imagers to detect electrical energy loss. The content covers fault fi nding in electrical equipment such as cables, connections, fuses, breakers, transformers, motors, etc., which can be associated with abnormal electrical energy losses. During the webcast, participants will gain a good introduction to the possibilities of using thermal imagers to fi nd faults in loaded electrical equipment without disturbing production. The webinars are not intended as a full training package and are suitable for personnel with entry-level to intermediate knowledge of thermal imaging. Each 45-minute webinar concludes with a 15 minute Q&A session. For further information visit: www.fl ukeacademy.shutt ɜU,M) ͔ (ѠѠ=Ѐ) Q 1U9 !LI AY9QL) Q́չѕ́ȁ܁͕ɥ́)ɕ AѥɅ̸ٕ)QЁٔݥ])5ɍ͝܀Ѡ5ɍIѠ5)]Ѡ5䁅 ЀѠ)չ)ɔѡݥɵѥٔɕ͕хѥ+ɔɴMѕ ɥ!ѽ䁅ѡ) ɕЁMхєѡ%+!͠Q͔͔ɵU݅ѕɴ)5ЁMѥ́ȁ!5=́役+եѼ LͅI՝Mѕ+8д́YՅɴ٥́M+!ɥͥхMѥQIєѼ)ՅЁ )ɕ QéɭѥȰ)ͅa]ɔѕѼɽЁѡ͔)ЁѼ͕ɕՍѥٕ́ɽ)ѡչ丁]Ѡٔ ѥեAɽͥ)ٕЁ́ѡ͕ͥ́ɔ)ͥѼЁȁͥ́䁉ѥ)ȁݱͅѕ́)ͱѥd) Á͕ɔ͕͕䁥)́ѼɔѡȁՍѥѕЁ)͕ЁЁɽɥєٕ Qé͕́ɔ)եхȁѕɵєՑ)ѡЁѠ٥ɥѥ)ɔѼи)ȁѡȁɵѥ٥ܹͥѕ)U9%QIU9/eLUAQ % M A =YIL =5A1%9 EU1%Qd9 =9M%IQ%=9L=H %4)ȁɔ٥ͥ)ܹํլ)Uչ́ѕɕ٥͕́ % Mɕѕ Aɕ͕хѥɽՍɕͥ́͠ȁձх̰Ʌѽ)́ɽ́ɕٕ͔́́́ѕѥمՔɥ %4)Uչ́յхՍѥѡɭѡх͕ѥѡɥЁ)͠ѥ́ͥѡ䁙Ё % Mɽمȁ́ Aȸ ѥՕЁݥѠ)ѡɭͥѡ́ɽѕѡѼɕ٥͔ѡ AՑ͕ѥ́ͽѡЁ)Ʌ͕Օѥ́Ѽɔɕͥٔɽչ́ЁѥЁɅѥ)Uչéѥ́ͅȰQ ɽݸѕa]ٔх͡ɕхѥȁɅѠͥє)ݥѡ̰ѡ Á́ѼѕѡЁѼձх̻́d)ѥ́ѼUչé AȀ܁Ցձѱѡمɥ́хɑ́ɕեɕ́)ɕЁ́ЁѡѽѕѥɕեɕȁɅ䁅ȁɑȁȁЁѼ )ɭ́ݕ́ѡхͥ)䰁ѡ AՑ͕́ѥ %4ɽ٥ɕᅵ́܁UչéݽɬݥѠձх́)Ʌѽ́ %4͍́́ե䁡Ѽɽٔͥхѥ危̸)ȁѡȁɵѥ٥ܹͥչչլ(Ё5