Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 16

CONTRACT NEWS MY LITTLE WINDMILL THE ROYAL TREATMENT A ruined 19th century windmill in Cambridgeshire has been given a smart eco- makeover with the help of Eco Installer. The Grade 2 listed Tower Mill in Little Downham had fallen into disrepair, with no sails, windows or cap, but has now been sympathetically developed into a stylish and modern eco-friendly home while retaining the beauty of its wind powered past. The team at Eco Installer worked hand-in-hand with Freeman Brear Architects who developed the initial design and details such as a glazed viewing area and mezzanine which provide uninterrupted views over the surrounding countryside and allows nighttime observation of the big Fenland skies. As well as its architecturally stunning exterior, it has been designed with energy efficiency at its core with a biomass boiler, rainwater harvesting system, and a mechanical ventilation system keeps the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer and reuses up to 95 per cent of the heat that would have otherwise been lost. Roland Gurner from Eco Installer said, ‘Our homes and the way we construct them will have a huge role in ensuring we enjoy a more sustainable future. Tower Mill is a prime example of how technology is helping to drive sustainable solutions and helping to address both environmental and economic concerns.’ For further information visit: www.ecoinstaller.co.uk The Queen’s Theatre, located in Hornchurch, London, opened its doors in 1975. Today, over 200,000 people enjoy the theatre’s programme every year. The Queen’s Theatre has benefited from a Trend Building Energy Management System (BEMS) for a number of years. The site consists of three boilers, two air-handling units (AHUs) and two additional boilers that are dedicated to the radiator heating circuit. This plant is all linked to the BEMS, which enables staff, patrons and visitors to the Queen’s Theatre to enjoy the best possible comfort conditions. Terry Abbot, the Queen’s Theatre’s head of facilities, worked closely with Trend to explore new and innovative ways to save money by improving the way that the building uses energy. Trend outlined the benefits that having a touch screen display would offer in terms of being able to monitor the BEMS in real time and make any adjustments to energy use as and when necessary. It was clear that this would offer significant advantages, so an IQView8 was installed. IQView8 makes energy management as simple as possible with its 8in full colour 16:9 touch screen display, that provides a self-configuring user interface to the Queen’s Theatre’s BEMS. The IQView enables authorised personnel to view and adjust operating times, monitor alarms and make adjustments to controller parameters. For further information visit: www. trendcontrols.com PROTECTED SPECS WOLVERHAMPTON WONDER Kentec gas extinguishing fire safety panels are playing an important role helping to protect Specsavers’ new £12m West Midland manufacturing and distribution centre. A new fire safety system, designed and installed by Leader Systems LLP, comprises Kentec K11031 M2 Sigma XT automatic three zone extinguishant control panels with Apollo conventional Series 65 devices plus conventional sounder/beacons and bells from Klaxon Signals. This major new Specsavers facility at Kidderminster, Worcestershire, will combine the company’s existing operations in the area, and will allow the company to double capacity with room to grow in the future. As part of the firm’s existing Kidderminster operations, Specsavers’ International Glazing Services business glazes customers’ frames with prescription lenses for stores in Northern European countries. The Lens Online business stocks and distributes lenses and contact lenses to stores in the UK and Ireland. Kentec’s Sigma XT is designed to comply with the requirements of EN12094-1, EN54-2 & EN54- 4. It features three detection zones as standard, where any zone or any combination of zones can be configured to release the extinguishant gas and allows delay in first stage sounder and detection to be configured, with an instant release facility by using the manual release option. The Kentec Sigma XT is compatible with Intrinsically Safe barriers, which makes it ideal for use in hazardous areas. Unitrunk’s Rapid Installation Systems (RIS) cable management systems will soon be helping to fast track start up science based businesses, thanks to the specification of cable tray, trunking and basket at the University of Wolverhampton’s £10m Science, Technology & Prototyping Centre. The facility will encourage collaboration and innovation, with a ‘street’ of shared workspace and break out/collaboration spaces, along with flexible hire arrangements for high specification labs, workshops and offices. Summit Electrical is installing cable basket, trunking and basket from Unitrunk’s RIS product range throughout the building for all sub mains, low voltage and data cabling. Sub mains cabling will be installed using risers of Unitrunk’s Uniklip cable tray, with a riser connecting all three storeys to the ground floor switch room on both the east and west wings of the building, enabling easy isolation of each wing. Unitrunk’s single compartment trunking will create a spine of LV cabling from the risers for each wing of the building, with lighting cabling in the ceiling void and power cabling in the raised access floor. Summit Electrical hopes that the project will help to transfer talent from the University of Wolverhampton into the world of business and industry. For further information visit: www.kentec.co.uk RIDE-ON A manufacturer of ride-on suitcase ́́Ё́ɝ)́ ܰȁ啅ȁ)ɕɽѥ مɥ)ɥٔYMѼ́ձ)̸55ձɽՍ́ѡQչɥեэ͔)ݕ́յȁѡȁѥձɽՍ́ȁѽ́)ѡѽѥٔͅ䰁յȁ́х͕ѽ̸)UѼ̰Qչեэ͕́ɔɽՍЁѡe)A嵽Ѡ䁕ѠİȁɽՍѥ丁Qݼ)ٕ́ѡ͕́ɔݼձ̸=ѡ͔)́̀ԁ啅́ݡѡѡȁ́ѡɕ啅́)Qձ́Ե͕危ѥɽչ)Ёѡ危ѥ́ЁɥݡѡɅձ)ѕ́ЁɅѥЁѡյѽȁ́ѥչ)᥵մ55ձ݅ѕѼٔͅѡɝѡЁ݅)݅ѕɔݡٽѥѡ危ѥ) éѡɥ͕مՔɽ٥ȁALՍѕݕɥ)ݥѠ ɥٔѼ͕܁Սɝ䁍ձٕͅѕ)ձхѥݥѠ5Ё݅́ɕѡЁхխ\ )Ʌ䁑ɥٔݽձٔͅ ܰ啅ȁɝ䁍̰ݥѠ)剅Ё͕ٕѡ̸55ձѕ́ѼɅ)ѡȁ́ݥѠ ɥٕ́ɽAL)ȁѡȁɵѥ٥ܹͥɝ(؁5)ȁѡȁɵѥ٥ͥ)ܹչչլ