Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2017 - Page 12

COVER STORY MORE STYLE… MORE OPTIONS… DECO PLUS In what it is being described as the company’s most significant investment in recent years, Scolmore has launched a brand new collection of premium wiring accessories – Deco Plus – designed to bring even greater choice and flexibility at the high end sector of the market. E njoying huge success with its popular Deco range of decorative metal wiring accessories, first launched 14 years ago, Scolmore recognised the potential to build on the basis of its Deco range to introduce a collection of high specification products that would fulfil contractors’ requirements at the premium end of the sector. Marie Parry, Scolmore Group’s marketing director, says, ‘As a company we are constantly looking at ways to innovate the wiring accessories sector. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary; we see Deco Plus as the evolution of our highly popular and successful Deco range, to offer an alternative collection of high end products that will have appeal for those seeking a more contemporary look for interiors. It also offers the same exceptional degree of flexibility that installers have come to expect from our modular switch plates, which allow them to create bespoke solutions quickly and easily while on the job.’ Offering exceptional quality and unprecedented value, the new, high specification Deco Plus collection The Deco Plus range has been rigorously tested and accredited to the relevant standards and comes with a 10-year warranty. 12 | May 2017 comprises a range of products that includes switches (modular ingot plate switches; toggle switches; dimmer switches); power socket outlets, fused connection units and control switches; television, telephone and data sockets; plus media cabling solutions. With the ever increasing demand for power supplies in all areas of the home comes the problem of selecting and fitting outlets which blend harmoniously with the décor of the room where they are to be installed. The seven different Deco Plus plate finishes – antique brass, satin brass, polished brass, satin chrome, black nickel, stainless steel and polished chrome – means there is a solution for almost every possible design need and the opportunity to enhance the interior scheme of any area; kitchen, bedroom, lounge or study. The availability of a choice of black or white inserts further maximises the choice on offer. The Deco Plus switch plates are all modular as standard allowing the creation of virtually any switch plate design required. With a wide range of MiniGrid and New Media products also available in the range, this will give contractors and installers total flexibility to quickly and easily customise bespoke designs and solutions The Deco Plus switch plates are all modular as standard allowing the creation of virtually any switch plate design required. on site. MiniGrid modules are interchangeable with pre- assembled plate switches or can be mounted into the unfurnished switch plates throughout the Deco Plus range. Standard MiniGrid modules offer simple, single screw fixing to the yoke which facilitates the assembly of up to 18 different switching functions on a single plate. A selection of media module options, covering all manner of media transfer, allows installers to configure their own arrangement of television, radio or satellite reception, plus speaker, telephone and data outlets. All modules can be inserted into single or double wall sockets and fitted onto standard switch and socket boxes. Attention to detail has been at t )ɕɽЁѡͥɽ́)յȁ܁ɕ́ٔ)ɽՍѼѡȁɽٔ)ѥɽՍ̸ٕ䁅ͽݥѡ)ѡɅݡх́)ɕ͕́Ёɽչѡ)ѡQɅѥPȁ͡)ɽѡȁͽ́́ͼ)ѼȁɔɅѥٔɽѼ)эѡЁѡɕЁѡЁͽ̸)́ݥѠMɔɽՍ̰ѡ)ÁɅ́ɥɽͱѕѕ)ɕѕѼѡɕمЁхɑ́)́ݥѠѡѥɕɅ(啅ȁ݅Ʌ丁ɽՍЁ́)٥Յ́ݸѥѥٔ)ɥѕݥѠձѥՍѥ̸)ȁѡȁɵѥх)Mɔ܀аȁ٥ͥ)ܹ͍ɔ