Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2016 - Page 58

£79.95 WIRING ACCESSORIES EACH BUSINESS DIRECTORY YELLOWbook FROM Any new wiring installations after the 1st of July 2015, to comply with Amendment No.3 of BS7671:2008 IET Farnborough London E1 Wiring Regulations, all consumer units (and similar switchgear assemblies) installed in domestic premises must: FROM Northampton 0161 979 0102 01604 767 008 All contractors will need to make sure that the full metal consumer units they install are fully compliant 1ST 2015 • Conform to BS EN 61439-3 01252 379 379 Network & Security Editions • Use enclosures manufactured from non-combustible material or • Be enclosed in a cabinet constructed of non-combustible material Manchester 0207 790 2140 1ST JAN with Section 421.1.201 www.cmsplc.com Distributors of IT Infrastructure, Network & Security Products 2016 Existing products with plastic components can continue to be installed, but only in commercial premises WHOLESALERS CABLE MANAGEMENT SPECIAL FEATURE With Next Day UK Delivery on 99% of all stock items Call Our Sales Team On WALL CABINETS LAN SWITCHES UNSURE IF CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING WORKS? IET 1:2008 must: BS767 No.3 of premises dment domestic E1 with Amen installed in London comply blies) assem 2015, to 2140 ugh 1st of July r switchgear 0207 790 Farnboro 379 after the (and simila ial or installations mer units pton 2 379 wiring stible matermaterial0125 , all consu -3 iant ham Nort Any new non-combuombustible fully compl Regulations EN 61439 Editions areter 767 008 ed from of non-c ches Wiring install Security Man 01604 rm to BS manufactur ructed rk & units they • Confo 0102 et const Netwo consumer 979 ses enclosures cabin a Use premi metal 0161 • sed in the full commercial sure that • Be enclo only in to make ed, but will need to be install ctors ue contin All contra n 421.1.201 nents can with Sectio compo plastic cts with g produ ucts Existin ry on urity Prod Delive & Sec Day UK items Netw ork With Nextof all stock 99% £79 .95 EACH ORIES 1ST 2015 E L FEATUR ECTORY SPECIASIN ESS DIR ww w.c ctur e, Call Our APRIL 2016 Special Offer Page on r Editi 17th tion Teste r Func ialN Offe variations THE RIGHT COMBINATIO Spec 9083P ced-elec.co.uk PATCH 12 Lighting projects le case High profi from the studies sector. lighting contract news putting Who is where. what in RS SPACE WALL NETS EQUIPMENT R CABI PAGE CABINETS LAN SWIT 5 CIRCUIT HIT THE 8 CONNECTION SMART FLEXIBLE 2 16:15 09/03/2016 n Competitio WHATEVERcatalogu DEVICE x W363 itch • H240 Mainsw • 1x 100A30mA RCDs 2x 16A, • 2x 80A (3x 6A, • 10x MCBs1x 40A) 4x 32A, : FIRE SAFETY SPECIAL FEATURE Fire detection & security 42 t 2 2016.indd o.uk ready restaurants April AC/50Hzcome Link Overload 230V they wiring. Product branding www.dilog.c and maintain, internal protection full 62196 Web: of colours with IEC current included. variety Type 2 fault .co.uk also in a and are via corrosionavailable offered EV CommercialCharge American/Japanese (RCBO) (for to be J1772 BSI car charging Type 1 are CE fast major and have or units and from enable vehicles) resistant They and Hyundai, market certifications and options. for European Nissan on the formats. (mainly connections.received all EVs Renault, have with charging vehicles) units including These compatible (7.2kW) EN60335-1. are BS m or 32A units manufacturersto (3.6kW) 16A certification EV charging www.rolecserv.co in both Rolec visit available are information further For DP10 10DRC CODE: a full range 16:56 09/03/2016 Product Link April 4 Link April 2016.indd ww MAJOR NEW N CONSTRUCTIO EY HEALTH SURV LAUNCHED Y 2016 . 05 • MA E 36 NO apply to and rewired electrica n rtificatio n & Ce l Desig 7671:2015 Electrica to BS Software on Goodes ngt t Alan Contac ail alan@terri or em SORIES G ACCES WIRIN E TORY DIREC L FEATUR ESS cabling or promotions We and card for tradeof products structured products - credit terms and • New ordering specifications prices • Easy technical support • Exclusive • Enhanced technical delivery • Free day • Next Need help with GET LL INSTA l or visit tsetinstal 822 4956 ex.com/ge Call 0844 shall-tuffl www.mar the High from studies sector. lighting Our | Fire Cable Per 12 Way 100M £38.95 2.5mm FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY! m Lights | Tools ent lies Managem Prices! | Cable l Supp Trade trica at Below Elec l Needs ountElectrica Your Disc ALL 12 Way For Split L