Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2016 - Page 55

FIRE DETECTION & SECURITY SPECIAL FEATURE PASSES THE TEST TOP DRAW C-Tec has introduced its own range of conventional fire detectors. Branded 'ActiV', the optical, heat, rate-of-rise and multi-sensor detectors have been third party certified to the relevant parts of EN54 parts 5, 7 and pr29 by leading notified approval body Intertek. C-Tec’s detectors have undergone rigorous laboratory testing for quality, functionality and performance. Easy to fit, with a 9-33Vdc operating voltage, ActiV detectors offer outstanding detection performance. Suitable for use not only with C-Tec’s CFP and EP203 conventional fire panels but with many other manufacturers' control panels, the range also carries the prestigious pan-European ‘CertAlarm’ System 5 mark. For further information visit: www.c-tec.co.uk QDOS specialises in CAD drawings to assist contractors with fire alarm zone plans, as-fitted drawings and fire and emergency log books. BS5839-1:2013 states that zone plans are required on every alarm system of any size, and should also be noted as a major non-compliance during routine maintenance, when they are not displayed on existing installations. This gives the installer or maintenance provider the responsibility to then give details to the customer of how they can obtain zone plans for each CIE position on their system, to ensure compliance. When installing or modifying a fire alarm system, as part of the documentation process, as-fitted drawings must be provided for the work carried out. Established in 2009, QDOS is a specialist Fire & Security CAD outsourcing company that works with contractors to ensure a professional finish every time. For further information visit: www.qdos.biz TO THE VICTOR GO THE SPOILS Tyco has launched the new victor Integration Solution. A powerful and effective software offering, it can provide a centralised view of any number of critical systems – including fire detection and security. Suitable for medium to large complex sites, victor provides users with the means to simplify and enhance the command and control of building systems, improve safety and efficiency as well as consolidate and manage vast amounts of valuable data. Today buildings can have a multitude of critical systems and sub-systems all requiring different methods of usability and control. As such, Tyco has developed the victor Integration Solution to provide one single point of command and control that improves ease of use - for seamless and efficient day-to-day operations. The victor Integration Solution connects discrete systems through integration modules and a single user interface. This means that systems such as fire, security, video, access control, intercom, lift management, BMS, and analytics can all be brought into one powerful point of control – eliminating the need for users to be trained on a multitude of sub-systems. The operational advantages are vast including site mapping to aid emergency dispatch. With the ability to adapt and grow with a site’s requirements, the victor Integration Solution is future-proof as well as flexible, offering capability with legacy as well as bespoke systems. Helpfully, the Connected Program from Tyco Security Products also enables third party integrations making transition even easier. The system provides low cost of ownership and helps to reduce hardware, software and maintenance. For further information visit: www.tycofis.co.uk DEGREES OF SEPARATION FULL BEAM AHEAD Soteria, a new range of addressable detectors from Apollo Fire Detectors, covers all detection areas such as heat, optical and CO individually or in innovative combinations. The exclusive technology incorporated into the range has been shown to reduce the incidence of false alarms whilst ensuring ease of installation and will reduce the risk of the wrong detector being installed. The new technology behind Soteria, known as PureLight, incorporates both enhancements to the smoke entry process and the new design of the smoke chamber. The new chamber is cone shaped, to allow light from the LED to be entirely absorbed, and reduces reflections and interference in the chamber. The ‘Serpentine’ designed smoke entry path provides a wide degree of separation of smoke and dust, and enables smoke to pass to the cone chamber but acts as a barrier to dust and insect ingress. Used together this has proven to lower the possibilities of false alarms and enhance the reliability of smoke detection. The range, which has been extensively tested at the state-of-the-art in-house testing facilities at Apollo, meets and exceeds EN54 standards. For further information visit: www.apollo-fire.co.uk/soteria FFE focuses on providing specialist fire detection products for applications across the globe. FFE’s products can be divided into two separate product ranges: Fireray beam detection Beam detection is the technology of choice when protecting large interior spaces from the threat of fire. It works by projecting a beam of light across the protected area, which is broken by the presence of smoke in the air. Beam detection is the most cost effective means of covering a wide area, and offers significantly more sensitivity than point detectors. Fireray offers technology against false alarms, in addition to a laser aligned motorised unit, the Fireray 5000. FFE also offers end-to-end and explosion proof units to cover all applications. Talentum flame detection Flame detection is ideally suited for the detection of fire in high value or high risk applications, where rapidity of response is all-important. Talentum detectors are unique in that they can detect flames from any fuel, whilst remaining flexible and simple to use. For further information visit: www.ffeuk.com 55 53-57 FD&S Products.indd 55 11/04/2016 14:36