Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2016 - Page 53

FIRE DETECTION & SECURITY SPECIAL FEATURE PRO PANEL SMALL PLACES Kentec Electronics is recognised for its extensive EN, UL & FM, marine, analogue, conventional and extinguishant ranges of fire control panel solutions. Designed for the widest, most demanding range of applications, Kentec’s Syncro and Sigma ranges are a popular choice for contractors. The Syncro range includes Syncro AS, Syncro Matrix, Syncro View and Syncro Focus, plus a range of site specific special application fire control panels to deliver turnkey fire system solutions. Sigma XT range features status indicators plus other ancillaries, including programmable warning signs, Sigma XT+ and Sigma Si, Sigma XT+ ECU – hybrid solution. Kentec’s comprehensive capability also includes its UL listed, FM approved, Elite RS analogue addressable fire control panels. The Sigma A-XT releasing panel offers outstanding performance for all small to medium fixed firefighting installations. The all-new Taktis product range of fire alarm control equipment combines the very latest hardware and software to produce a control and indication system that’s powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to use and understand, with the flexible configurability to realise many other control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings. For further information visit: www.kentec.co.uk Eaton is aiming to simplify the installation of fire alarm systems in smaller premises with the launch of a two-wire system. The company’s latest fire alarm system, BiWire Ultra, is designed for fast and efficient installation in buildings such as primary schools, small hotels, offices, restaurants and retail stores where a standard conventional system would have typically been installed. However, unlike standard conventional systems, the BiWire Ultra enables all detectors, call points and notification devices to share the same zone wiring, reducing cabling requirements by up to 50 per cent. To support the launch of the new system, Eaton has developed a new CPD certified seminar on twowire systems. The CPD aims to help electrical engineers and installers better understand the different type of fire systems available and how two-wire can save costs compared with a conventional system. BiWire Ultra comprises an intuitive fire alarm control panel alongside a range of complementary devices including call points, a five-in-one fire detector plus a range of EN54-23 approved beacons and sounder beacons. BiWire Ultra is the latest addition to Eaton’s comprehensive suite of life safety solutions, which aim to help building owners and managers meet their safety obligations in the most effective and efficient manner. For further information visit: www.cooperfire.com SAMPLE ANALYSIS SECURE BACK UP ESP continues to develop its range of access control products and has just added a new power supply with battery back up for lock releases to its accessory collection. For use with its single-way and multiway door entry systems, and access control systems, the 2A 12vDC boxed power supply will help maintain the security of your door from intermittent and prolonged loss of power, and thus provide reassurance. It is designed to offer simple install and wiring connections, and supports 12vDC battery back up and comes with battery leads supplied. It provides output for fail safe and fail secure lock, 12vDC output control for auxiliary devices and features an adjustable 20 second timer control for lock output and power indication LED. It is ideal for those installations that require round the clock door security, eg. schools, hospitals and care homes, to name just a few. For further information visit: www.espuk.com urmet-banner-ad-real-new-size-crops-final.pdf 1 15/03/2016 15:20 Channel Safety has introduced one of its newest products to the fire detection range, the Vesda VLQ detector, which is a cost effective Aspirated Smoke Detection (ASD) solution that meets the unique needs of numerous small area applications of up to 100m² (1,000ft²). VLQ detectors are suitable for high and normal sensitivity applications and offer many installation advantages such as simplified pipe network and stand alone function. The VLQ detector actively draws air from the protected area through a pipe network. Sampled air is then filtered before being analysed by the detection chamber. The detection chamber utilises a laser light source and photoelectric receiver circuitry to detect scattered light caused by the presence of smoke. Alarm (pre-alarm & fire) and fault conditions are reported by activating the corresponding LEDs on the simple display and dry contact relays. The system allows configuration of both smoke alarm and flow fault thresholds to suit the application needs. Features include laser based absolute smoke detection and clean air barrier for optics protection. For further information visit: www.channelsafety.co.uk C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 53-57 FD&S Products.indd 53 20/04/2016 17:12