Electrical Contracting News (ECN) May 2016 - Page 40

JOB MANAGEMENT based software is often paid with monthly subscriptions, and comes with ongoing IT support so you can rest assured that, if your software is not performing, you have someone on hand to get it back up and running quickly. With bespoke software, make sure you have a good maintenance contract in place. This is often charged as an additional extra on top of the one-off cost for development, so get a quote and look closely at what this includes so you can make sure that performance issues can be cleared up quickly. Last but not least, make sure the developer has time for you after the App is ready to launch! If they’re quickly moving on to their next job, software issues that may arise afterwards might not be their top priority, so discuss this upfront before you commit. Safety and security to enter your system. As hacking attacks are constantly evolving, you must be able to monitor your systems constantly and update your security as required. If you haven’t got the resources in-house, include ongoing security as part of your maintenance contract and make sure that your developer has the skills and resources to keep up to date with the latest threats. The same applies when looking at cloud based, off-the-shelf software. Speak to the company behind it and double check that they keep their software up to date and secured against the latest threats. You know how important your clients’ data is, so it’s your responsibility to keep it well protected. “ It’s important to consider how you want your software to interact with other applications. AS HACKING ATTACKS ARE CONSTANTLY EVOLVING, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO Ensure that the security and performance of your system meets your needs on a daily basis. If you choose bespoke software, take into account the implications with the hardware you use and your company’s network. With job Cost management software, your engineers Unsurprisingly, bespoke software is often should be able to receive jobs on their more expensive, due to the time and energy phone. To do this you will need to open invested to cater for your very specific your company network to the wider business needs. It isn