Electrical Contracting News (ECN) March 2017 - Page 55

SPONSORED STORIES FROM THE INDUSTRY COMPANY SHOWCASE PRODUCTS NEW AXIOM AXM CONTRACT RANGE BY CED CED’s Axiom brand of wiring accessories already includes a comprehensive range of white plastic, metal clad and decorative accessories and has now been strengthened by the launch of a new AXM contract range of white accessories. Whilst retaining the accepted quality of the Axiom brand, this compact range of economy accessories includes all the key products generally used by contractors rs on a day-to-day basis. Single and two way one gang, two way two gang and three way three gang make up the selection of 10A switches; 13A single and twin switched sockets include a twin with USB sockets, whilst 13A connection units and 10A 6in pendants complete the range. AXM contract accessories are fully ASTA approved and available able exclusively through electrical wholesalers. For further information visit: www.ced-elec.co.uk FLUKE 1660 SERIES MULTIFUNCTION INSTALLATION TESTER KIT OFFERS Until 30th June 2017, Fluke UK is offering two money saving 1660 Series multifunction installation tester kits. The Fluke 1664FC-TPLKIT comprises a 1664 FC multifunction installation tester with free Fluke DMS data management software and a free Fluke T150 2-pole voltage and continuity tester. The Fluke 1663-TPLKIT comprises a 1663, with free Fluke DMS data management software and a free Fluke T130 voltage and continuity tester. The Fluke 1664 helps prevent damage to appliances that may be inadvertently connected to the system under test, and it also makes it easy to share test results over a smartphone using Fluke Connect. The 1664 FC features an auto test function that does five required installation tests in one sequence. The Fluke T150 and T130 offer fast test results and are built with CAT IV 600V, CAT III 690V safety ratings. They offer four ways to indicate AC/DC voltage: a clear, instantly visible LED indicator, a bright digital display of the measurement value, an audible continuity test and vibration to provide tactile feedback when there is voltage present. EUROPA’S EXTENSIVE RANGE OF ENCLOSURES For further information visit: www.fluke.co.uk Europa Components has over 150 enclosures in its latest 2017 catalogue, with extended range sizes and purpose built specials available on request. One quarter of this total is made up of Europa’s Epoxy coated steel enclosures, with sizes from 250x250x150mm to 1,200x1,000x300mm, all IP65 rated and with up to three locks dependent upon size. Similarly rated stainless steel enclosures and terminal boxes complete the metal range. Europa’s polycarbonate enclosures are manufactured by Fibox. Two ranges are included – ARCA IEC are IP66 glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate cabinets, whilst the MNX IP66/67 polycarbonate range comes with solid grey or smoked transparent lids. All relevant accessories are available for both steel and polycarbonate ranges, whilst insulated IP67 adaptable boxes and ABS plastic enclosures complete the Europa package of high quality enclosures available only via electrical wholesalers. For further information visit: www.europacomponents.com ENABLE YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE WITH POWERTAG FROM SCHNEIDER For building owners, reducing operating costs and improving reliability and efficiency is a challenge. Over the last decade, a greater focus has been placed on the need to reduce energy consumption and waste. However, the performance and condition of electrical assets at a final distribution level remain unknown to building owners and operators. Energy saving, reliability and efficiency improvement at the level of final distribution presents an untapped opportunity for operating cost reductions. Fortunately, asset monitoring solutions exist, which not only help save energy, but also monitor electrical assets, warning of small problems before they become large ones. PowerTag from Schneider Electric is one of the smallest wireless energy sensors available on the market and has been designed to enhance the monitoring of electrical assets. PowerTag has been built to connect with ease to a miniature circuit breaker, to add connectivity, and to provide building owners and facility managers with precise, powerful, and real time data to increase the health of a facility’s strategic assets. This connection provides the currents, voltages, power factor and energy to better manage critical loads, leading to higher reliability and efficiency of the electrical installation. Data is sent wirelessly and displayed via inbuilt webpages and fed into larger electronic monitoring system (EMS) or BMS. Data can also be leveraged to create customised email alarms to assist facility managers with remote monitoring of their assets. Customer demand for new solutions that address the critical challenges of building asset and energy management is rapidly growing. PowerTag provides the innovation to make asset and energy management simpler. PowerTag can be easily fitted onto most circuit breakers bypassing the need for complex wiring or additional space requirements. It takes five minutes to install a PowerTag and from then you’re on and connected. PowerTag allows for real time detection and notification of potential issues before they occur allowing operators to perform necessary maintenance to keep a building running as intended. Connected, intelligent equipment and systems have proven their ability to provide greater insight into performance and deliver a considerable and measurable return on investment. For further information visit: www.schneider-electric.com March 2017 | 55