Electrical Contracting News (ECN) March 2017 - Page 46

SPECIAL FEATURE UPS & POWER DISTRIBUTION by identifying equipment and system faults, sequence of operation improvements, system trends, and energy usage. Looking ahead with building analytics Hardware such as the Masterpact MTZ Air Circuit B reaker (ACB) has evolved to include new digital capabilities. Today, hardware such as the Masterpact MTZ Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) has evolved to include new digital capabilities. One of these primary new digital technologies revolves around communication abilities, providing a way to send the data the device is gathering to building analytic software, where it can be put to use. Building analytics is another enabler for smart power distribution systems, offering an advanced lifecycle managed service that delivers automated fault detection, diagnosis and real time performance monitoring for buildings. Information is captured from building systems and sent to cloud based data storage. From that point, an advanced analytics engine uses artificial intelligence to process building data and continuously diagnose facility performance Combatting operational efficiency decline One of the biggest challenges facing facility managers today is the need to maintain existing equipment performance. Components are prone to breaking or falling out of calibration, and general wear and tear often results in a marked decline of a building’s operational efficiency. What’s more, reduced budgets are forcing building owners to manage building systems with fewer resources. The issue is then further exacerbated by older systems becoming inefficient over time. Even when there is budget at hand, it is time consuming and increasingly difficult to attract, develop and retain staff with the right skills and knowledge to make sense of the building data being generated. When it comes to switchgear in particular, there is the challenge around spending when it comes to maintenance and services. There is no doubt that regularly scheduled maintenance extends the life of existing switchgear. However, at some point facilities must decide whether to maintain or replace with new equipment. Of course, although keeping up with equipment maintenance has its challenges, especially with limited resources, the safety and reliability of a facility depends on it and must be the priority. At the core of smart power distribution systems are smart devices that enable facility managers to take preventive measures to mitigate potential risks. For many building owners and occupants, they are also looking at how building analytics can be used beyond just safety and reliability to make a difference to the bigger picture of workplace efficiency. From comfort to space, and occupant services, to management dashboards, organisations are now placing more emphasis on wellbeing at work. When building analytics recommendations are implemented, the results are obvious – enhanced building performance, optimised energy efficiency through continual commissioning and reduced operating costs — all with a strong return on investment and an improved building environment. Smarter testing with the Eurotest Combo is now within your grasp A 17 th Edition tester with a difference • Handheld (left or right) • Red and green pass / fail LED indicators • Help screens built-in for referencing on site • Built-in line/loop impedance tables for automatic evaluation against current regulations • Automated RCD testing to reduce test time • Trip lock function to test loop impedance without tripping the RCD • Bluetooth and memory download (MI 3125BT) • Quick, efficient and automatic R1+R2 testing with A1214 Easiswitch (MI 3125BT) MI 3125BT Eurotest Combo BT MI 3125 Eurotest Combo LITE A 1214 EASI switch Metrel UK Phone: 01924 245000 E mail: info@metrel.co.uk Web: www.metrel.co.uk