Electrical Contracting News (ECN) March 2017 - Page 43

SECURITY SPECIAL FEATURE The MxDisplay+ from Mobotix MxDisplay+ is often referred to as a ‘smartphone on the wall’ because it can be operated using swipe and zoom gesture control, just like a smartphone. With a few swipes, the user can see an overview of several cameras, retrieve the latest video messages or create a new access transponder card for a visitor. MxDisplay+ fits into the frames and housing of the door station modules and the FlatMount Frame. MxDisplay+ features a powerful processor that - compared to the previous MxDisplay - almost doubles the frame rate transfer and easy to use (full duplex) hands free talking with Mobotix Door Stations (in addition to Push-to-Talk). Not only that, the sound quality has improved (for example, there is an integrated equaliser and improved echo/noise suppression), and the previous limit of only eight integrated cameras no longer applies. In order to flush mount the MxDisplay in a building and at the same time maintain its sleek design, Mobotix has developed the FlatMount Frame. Once the FlatMount Frame (available in black or white) has been installed, all that can be seen is a slim 12mm frame of varnished synthetic material around the unit. The FlatMount Frame also has an electromagnetic theft protection and can be used to install door station modules in indoor and outdoor applications. When installing in hollow walls, you can use the FlatMount Frame to install the MxDisplay+ without any other accessories. In order to flush mount the device in stone walls, you can use the In-Wall housing designed for the FlatMount Frame. ESP has made further developments to its HDView CCTV range, which sees the resolution increased from 720p HD to 1,080p full HD, to deliver enhanced image quality. These advancements allow ESP to offer a CCTV range that delivers superior image quality. The change in resolution offers improved image clarity and detail due to the additional image processing capability of camera and DVR. This advancement will provide users with better quality live images and recorded footage, which is essential for any CCTV system installation. All ESP AHD DVRs are fitted with Western Digital Purple Hard Drives, which are specifically made for surveillance purposes for essential ESP’s four-channel 1,080p full HD CCTV system reliable performance and will ensure that recorded data is secure. At the same time as improving the resolution and image quality of the range, the company has developed a unique ESP User Platform and HDView App. The ESP interface has been designed to lead the user to the most commonly used functions in a clear and easy to navigate format, such as; playback, record schedule options, motion detection, remote view setup and much more. The tailor made ESP HDView App has been developed to enable quick and simple remote viewing. The App is free to download and is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Pre-filled with gel For domestic and industrial connections Fully submersible Non-toxic and no shelf life Versatile and ready to use Designed with dimensions suitable for the most commonly used connections PROTECTION FROM INSECTS AND DUST Bravo 1-6 (50x29x22mm) QUICKER, EASIER AND CHEAPER Designed to fit inside enclosures removing the need to fill with compounds Watch the video demo online at www.ghlucas.co.uk Pre-filled gel accessories for sealing, protecting and making safe electrical connections Bravo 3-6 (53x49x22mm) Isaac (30x24x23mm) PROTECTION FROM WATER AND RUST Watt (30x38x 26mm) Pascal (38x30x 26mm) Kelvin (45x45x 30mm) Gel: UL 94-HB Degree of protection: IPX8 Operating temperature Installation temperature: -40°C / +50°C Fully submersible Can be used underground For information & enquiries: www.ghlucas.co.uk sales@ghlucas.co.uk tel: 0161 359 3407 fax: 0161 359 3408 View and download the full catalogue at: www.ghlucas.co.uk Leader in Quality