Electrical Contracting News (ECN) March 2017 - Page 38

SPECIAL FEATURE SECURITY to configure and simple to use cameras equipped with video analytics software has opened up the opportunity for retailers to gather reliable and verifiable data that can indicate why an individual store is performing better than others. Doing more with fewer staff, increasing customer satisfaction by minimising delays at checkouts and identifying the best times and locations for product promotions, are just a few of the goals that can be achieved with very little effort with the help of the people counting feature offered by the video analytics. Heatmap cameras A heatmap camera is able to provide accurate, real time information about customer in-store behaviour. It does so by displaying hotspots within a store to indicate customer buying patterns, including dwell times. A time lapse feature adds to the camera’s ability to provide valuable business intelligence, such as identifying any areas of a store where there might be low activity in order to assist with product placement decisions. People counting Bi-directional people counting cameras offer retailers the opportunity to measure store efficiency between footfall and actual sales. They also identify the busiest days, times and seasons, helping manage peaks and troughs of customer flow at checkouts. 360° fisheye cameras A single 360° camera is quite often all that is required to efficiently and cost effectively cover a whole area where a much larger number of standard cameras might normally be required. It is for this reason that 360° cameras are increasingly being specified for projects where there is a requirement to monitor activity 24/7 in environments such as banks, offices, retail and warehouses. The advantages offered by 360° cameras are further increased when they are equipped with heatmapping and people counting analytics, enabling customers to be monitored throughout their journey. Future development Over the coming months, there are likely to be many more different types of analytics applications emerging, such as the recently introduced access control solution which provides control of vehicle access. This takes advantage of open platform camera technology and the latest generation of automatic number plate recognition software, which is supplied pre-loaded onto the cameras to give users the ability to accurately log, monitor and control all vehicles entering a site 24/7, regardless of the lighting or environmental conditions. Easy to deploy, the Cameras now have the opportunity to run onboard specialist analytics to deliver additional real life practical benefits to end users. Wisenet Access camera generates event notifications when an authorised vehicle number plate is recognised and these can be configured to trigger access control operations such as opening/closing a barrier, as well as sending activity reports and snapshots via email or FTP. We can confidently predict that we will be able to look back in a year or so and be amazed at the diversity of applications that have been introduced and it’s a winwin situation for all parties involved in the video surveillance supply chain. For manufacturers, systems integrators and installers, there will be opportunities to generate new revenue stream by providing end users with added value and high ROI from their investment in video surveillance systems. AED Protective Cabinets from Safety Technology... ...keeping AED’s functioning & accessible at all times It can be the difference between a life lost & a life saved * Model shown is a UV-stabilised polycarbonate cabinet with sounder/strobe Contact us for further information � www.sti-emea.com � info@sti-emea.com � 01527 520 999 � � � � Rely on STI www.sja.org.uk (St Johns Guide to defibrillators)*