Electrical Contracting News (ECN) March 2017 - Page 37

SECURITY SPECIAL FEATURE The retail sector has much to gain from the data that affordable analytics solutions can deliver. VISUAL AIDS Tim Biddulph, head of product development at Hanwha Techwin Europe, discusses the advancements in video analytics and the benefits they can offer to end users. Security personnel worldwide have for many years relied on security cameras as a powerful tool to help detect criminal activity and keep people safe. The development of full HD and ultra high definition 4K cameras has further enhanced the contribution a video surveillance can make to the protection of people, property and assets. With the recent introduction of powerful open platform SDP chipsets, cameras now have the opportunity to run onboard specialist analytics to deliver additional real life practical benefits to end users. Out-of-box solutions The approach that leading manufacturers are taking is to supply their cameras with pre-loaded specialist analytics applications which can be put to work straight out of the box. The objective of offering pre-loaded applications which have been fully tested and evaluated, is to save installers, systems integrators and end users, considerable time and effort in having to research the fast growing list of available applications. Productivity in the retail sector The retail sector in particular has much to gain from the data that affordable analytics solutions can deliver. Understanding the buying behaviour of customers has never been more important, with ‘high street’ retailers facing fierce competition from the online options that are now so easily accessible to consumers. Those retailers that give consumers the choice can take advantage of video analytics to monitor and measure the impact of online promotions and other marketing activities on the number of people that enter their stores. The availability of affordable, easy March 2017 | 37