Electrical Contracting News (ECN) March 2017 - Page 25

PROJECT FOCUS All fixtures were required to provide easy and safe access for maintenance purposes, so that the installation can be kept in full working order with minimal disruptions, costs and no danger to staff. Emergency lighting had to follow safety recommendations from relevant sports governing bodies, whilst user friendly and accurate dimming functions were also essential to allow staff to easily adjust light levels and distributions for different activities. An attractive modern aesthetic was to be maintained throughout the premises to appeal to the public and match the stateof-the-art equipment and facilities provided by the centre. Steve Howe, specification manager for Dextra Lighting who looked after the project, comments, ‘The main criteria for the project was quality of product, high efficiencies and service from design right through to the install via the contractor on site. Dextra Lighting ticked all the boxes and it made our offer favourable to the client. ‘Several unique tweaks were needed to our standard product offering in order to meet the controls specification on the project. Our JIT facility and quick responses enabled us to offer flexibility and great service to help the customer.’ Sports hall With ceiling heights of over 8m and narrow windows, the sports hall relies on powerful artificial lighting to support a range of sports, such as five-a-side, badminton, rollerskating parties, basketball and netball. To deliver maximum power, flexibility and energy efficiency, the Prosport LED was installed in a high output version of 34,500lm from a range of lumen packages, with DALI dimming controls to provide adjustable lighting up to the recommended maximum of 500lx for sport halls. At this output, luminaires could be configured using the most efficient spacings, to provide optimal vertical illuminance and uniform coverage, giving players maximum visibility of fast moving objects such as balls or shuttlecocks. The Propsort LED’s optics are designed to boost the efficiency of its high quality Lumileds LED source offering LORs of over 80 per cent and an overall efficiency of 140Ll/w. The two part system consists of curved clear polycarbonate diffusers and an LED shield to provide a broad, bright, yet controlled distribution of light. The luminaire was supplied with a versatile symmetrical optic to provide an ideal light distribution for sports such as football, basketball and netball. An optional asymmetric bracket is also available with this range, providing angled lighting for court lighting, eliminating disturbing glare when players look upwards. The Prosport is engineered to provide durability, protection and aesthetic appeal to modern sporting venues. Its robust steel housing, reinforced injection moulded polycarbonate end caps and diffusers provide suitable protection from ball strikes, whilst its angled design minimises the risks of projectiles being trapped at the rear of the luminaire. Unlike HID or fluorescent alternatives, the absence of fragile lamps eliminates the risk of shattered lamps on impact. By combining energy efficiency, low maintenance and quick installation, the Prosport LED has guaranteed a fast and substantial return on investment for Allerdale council. Due the multifunctional purpose of the hall, luminaries could be easily and immediately programmed at different settings via the user friendly RE-AP remote control from ground level, to suit each sport or event. Fitness studios The ModLED Slim recessed luminaire was used in studios with lower level suspended T ceiling systems and was supplied in a 4,500 lumen package designed specifically for new build applications, to minimise energy consumption and capital cost of installation by providing maximum luminaire spacings. The luminaire uses a high transmission polycarbonate diffuser panel offering 93 per cent transmission of its Lumileds LED source, LORs of 85 per cent and increased visual comfort. The ModLED Slim provided the recommended 400lx for high intensity and often supervised workout sessions in the weightlifting gym without compromising on visual comfort. A lower 300lx was required in the other areas, such as the cycle studio and practice hall used for a variety of fitness classes. The lighting had to ensure that all sports and activities could be performed safely with maximum visibility and comfort. The sports hall relies on powerful artificial lighting to support a range of sports. More directional downlighting was provided in the larger 90-station gym studio, featuring treadmills and crosstrainers, with the attractive and efficient Discalo LED architectural downlight providing localised lighting at an average of 300lx from above each workout station. The selected luminaires offer an appealing minimalist design that harmonised successfully with the centre’s modern interior design, and all lighting was provided with ‘cool white’ 4,000k LED sources to help maintain a fresh and vibrant workout environment for users. Emergency lighting In all locations, over half the luminaires were supplied with integral auto-test emergency lighting, which allows the entire network luminaires to be monitored automatically via a DALI operated system. Maintenance staff will be able to receive periodic reports of any faults via a user friendly digital interface. The practical system will help ensure the installation is kept fully functional and safe at all times whilst avoiding the costs of calling specialised technicians to perform tests. To support the integral emergency functions of these luminaires, the highly efficient and durable Highspot LED emergency luminaire was installed in strategic locations. Its 500lm output is intended for high level applications or where very wide spacings must be achieved, such as the sports hall and the main pool area. Available in three lens types, the luminaire was supplied in both an Open Area and Ultra High Rack version, to optimise the light distribution to each location. The Highspot LED was also linked to the auto-test system. Mark Wilkinson, lighting design services, Edmundson Electrical, Carlisle, concludes, ‘We have used Dextra Lighting on numerous projects and yet again they have provided us with a total service and quality product with high efficiencies. All are delighted with the finished project at Workington Leisure.’ An attractive modern aesthetic was to be maintained throughout the premises. March 2017 | 25