Electrical Contracting News (ECN) March 2017 - Page 19

Outperform the rest with the CM Series Get the right tool for the job with the new range of Martindale clamp and flex meters TRUE RMS Whether it’s low current AC, DC for PV and battery systems, or leakage current measurement to troubleshoot RCD tripping, get the job done with the CM Series. • AC, DC, leakage clamps and flex meters with ranges from mA to kA • Pocket sized, tough and easy to use • Autoranging True RMS measurement for reliable results every time • High resolution to measure the smallest of currents • Flex sensors for large and hard to reach conductors • Two year warranty and clamp meter case CM57 AC CM69 AC Leakage CM79 AC/DC CM95 Hi Res AC Flex Available from your wholesaler and online www.martindale-electric.co.uk Call: 01923 441717 email: sales@martindale-electric.co.uk