Electrical Contracting News (ECN) March 2017 - Page 10

COVER STORY MODERN MASTERS Stuart Philips, trade marketing manager at Philips Lighting, examines the latest trends that are pushing the LED market forward and explains why the Philips Ledinaire range is perfect for the modern environment. Why luminaires? One of the key reasons for selecting LED luminaires rather than retrofit lamps is the improved performance that can be achieved. There are certainly benefits to retrofitting LED lamps to existing luminaires, in terms of energy performance and longer life. However, LED lamps have very different optical characteristics to traditional lamps and this needs to be reflected (pun intended) in the optics of the luminaire. For this reason, the maximum light output will be achieved with a luminaire that has been designed to work with LED light sources. Also, thermal management is important in maintaining the expected long life of the LEDs and this will be designed into a purpose built luminaire. Right light, right cost One of the barriers to faster uptake of LEDs has been the higher cost, compared to traditional light sources and luminaires. Until recently, the situation has been heavily influenced by the attitude of the customer to upfront capital cost compared to return on investment over a longer period. This situation is changing, however. ‘The development of software programmes which can show customers the payback period and the benefits of investing in LED are a real driving force in the end user’s decision to have a refurbishment with LED lighting. The quality of the light output in comparison with the level of light they are currently achieving is also a factor that helps decision making,’ Jason Ham explains. Thus, customers who understand the lifecycle benefits of LED lighting are more likely to opt for the better return on investment over the life of the product. Moreover, because they are looking to the future they will be more inclined to select ect a brand they feel they can trust to deliver quality and reliability over a long period. Such customers s are well catered for by the extensive range of premium LED luminaires in the Philips CoreLine range. In contrast, those customers who are motivated by ‘The risk associated with lower end products is shared by the installer as well as the customer.’ capital cost will look for more affordable options. In some cases this might be the difference between investing in an LED luminaire or going for the lower cost option of a retrofit lamp. Or it may be taking the risk of buying an unknown brand luminaire, rather than one of the established brands. Of course, the risk associated with lower end products is shared by the installer as well as the customer. High volumes of returns and disappointed customers are hardly a recipe for good business. Also, apart from the dubious quality of such ‘generic’ products, they tend to offer only a limited range of luminaire options. This makes it difficult to cater for the precise lighting requirements of the project, inevitably resulting in compromised performance. Filling the gap With the new Philips Ledinaire range customers can be reassured that they are purchasing competitively priced LED luminaires from a recognised and trusted brand. The entry level LED luminaires are designed for those who want to improve their energy efficiency but are driven mainly by the initial investment. Featuring nine popular LED luminaire families, the Ledinaire range comprises of panel lights, downlights and batten designs, all covered by a three-year warranty and delivering a typical lifetime of 30,000 hours. The modern looking Ledinaire panel provides a comfortable diffused light. With a 3,200 lumen light output and a colour temperature of 4,000K, the panel is ideal for use in offices, classrooms, corridors and circulation areas. Recessed and surface mounted versions are also available. The recessed and surface mounted panels come in two colour temperatures, 3,000K and 4,000K, and are available in 600x600mm and 1,200x300mm versions. The Ledinaire Batten and Ledinaire Waterproof are perfect for industry applications. Two versions of the Ledinaire Batten are available, both 1,200mm in length. The first with a single lamp provides a lumen output of 1,600, whilst the twin lamp version provides a lumen output of 3,200. The Waterproof luminaire comes in two lengths, 1,200mm and 1,500mm. The Ledinaire range also includes an ultra slim LED batten, Pentura Mini, which comes in four different lengths and two colour temperatures. The Ledinaire downlight, for use in corridors, restrooms and circulation areas, is available in two colour temperatures and there is a choice of lumen output, either 800 or 1,800. The Ledinaire family is completed with the Zadora recessed spot kit, including a replaceable LED lamp, and the ClearAccent recessed spot. Both are available in a variety of colour temperatures. For further information visit: www.lighting.philips.co.uk The modern looking Ledinaire panel is ideal for use in offices, classrooms, corridors and circulation areas. 10 | March 2017