Electrical Contracting News (ECN) June 2016 - Page 9

CONTRACT NEWS GLAZER SAVER TRIPLE SUCCESS Manchester based System 3, a leading manufacturer of high specification double glazed units for commercial and domestic applications, is benefiting from savings of around £60,000 per year, following the installation of Powerstar HV Max. System 3, which was founded in 1984, was looking to upgrade the high voltage (HV) infrastructure at its manufacturing facility in Denton, to improve electrical efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Powerstar recommended the installation of Powerstar HV Max, a super low loss amorphous core distribution transformer, with integrated electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation, to replace the two current transformers on site. Powerstar HV Max provided System 3 with a combined solution to two common problems. Firstly, it allowed the company to upgrade its HV infrastructure, as the super low loss amorphous core model significantly reduced transformer losses (both iron and copper losses), resulting in a more efficient HV infrastructure. Secondly, the integrated electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation technology ensured additional electricity consumption savings were achieved through optimising, cleaning and conditioning the incoming power supply. In addition to financial benefits, the installation of Powerstar HV Max delivered reductions in electricity consumption of over 640,000kWh and carbon emissions of 317 tonnes per annum. LJJ has completed three Nottinghamshire school projects for main contractor Kier Construction. Delivered by the company’s recently established Midlands office, the M&E schemes at Wainwright Primary Academy, Abbey Primary School, both in Mansfield, and Holgate Primary School in Hucknall have a combined project value of £2.15m. They form part of the Priority School Building Programme (PSBP), being delivered for the Education Funding Agency (EFA). All three mechanical installations involve new water and gas supplies to the building and the installation of two gas boilers for each school, along with an air handling unit for supply and extract to the toilet and admin areas. Natural ventilation heat recovery (NVHR) units have been installed above the radiators in each classroom linked to CO2 sensors as part of a natural ventilation strategy and LJJ has installed a building management system (BMS) to control the plant room. The electrical installation for each school includes new switchboard and mains distribution along with all small power, data and lighting, with PIR sensors installed for each classroom and toilet block. A fully programmable fire alarm system, CCTV, intruder alarm and access control have also been installed. ROOF READY EvoEnergy has completed the fourth largest rooftop PV system in the UK for Lyreco, a global office and workplace solutions provider, with the installation of a 3.811MWp solar array at its national distribution centre in Telford. The install, made up of 13,860 panels, was fitted onto the roof of the firm’s 15 acre logistics site between October and January to cut its carbon footprint and is one of only five rooftop systems in the UK to exceed a yearly output of 3.2GWh. It was the largest rooftop PV system to be completed in the UK in 2015 and is the second largest on a single building. It was also the first in the country to use large central inverters more commonly used for solar farms, bringing ground mount centralised inverter technology to a rooftop installation for the first time. Owned and operated through a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement by Addison Energy – a company funded by Guinness Asset Management’s EIS service – the system will save Lyreco more than £53,000 a year on its energy bills, as well as cutting annual carbon emissions by 1,700 tonnes – making the whole site carbon neutral in terms of electricity usage. QUARTER MASTERS BARN BUSINESS Swansea based RDM Electrical and Mechanical Services has recently won a contract to complete electrical and mechanical works for the new Capital Quarter student accommodation project in Cardiff. The Tyndall Street project is worth £5m to the company and is due to be completed in July 2017. The net area of the development site is 140,000ft2. The project is being carried out in partnership with Vinci Construction UK. Capital Quarter is an eight acre mixed use Cardiff city centre development. It has outlined planning for over 800,000ft2 of development, which will include offices, hotels, student housing and education uses. The 580 unit student accommodation project that RDM will be working on forms part of the Capital Quarter mixed use scheme in central Cardiff. The development comprises a mix of studio and cluster accommodation constructed over two separate blocks around a central courtyard. RDM has also recently been successful in winning its third contract for the design and build of the next phase of the new £450m Swansea University Bay Campus being built on Fabian Way, valued at approximately £4.5m. Scolmore’s Click iNels wireless control system has been installed as part of an ancient barn renovation project. 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