Electrical Contracting News (ECN) June 2016 - Page 48

SPECIAL FEATURE RENEWABLES & SUSTAINABILITY CRYSTAL COAT The Viessmann Vitosol 200-FM collector features ThermProtect, a patented ‘intelligent’ absorber layer coating that, through temperature-dependent change in its crystal structures, adjusts automatically to changes in sunlight and heat absorption. Traditional flat panel solar thermal collectors can be prone to steam production due to stagnation, which in turn leads to heat transfer medium degradation. This can be an issue in spring or summer when excess heat from the sun cannot always be used and the panels’ temperature rises. ThermProtect rejects the excess heat back to the environment. The patented coating, developed by Viessmann in partnership with Nancy University, France, prevents further energy absorption when the plate reaches a certain temperature. The absorber coating is based on the principle of ‘intelligent layers’. The coating’s structure changes depending on the collector temperature. Above an absorber temperature of 75°C the coating increases its emitting of incoming solar radiation and in effect shuts down. If the temperature of the collector falls below 75°C, the structure of the coating will return to its original state and 95 per cent of the incoming solar energy is absorbed and converted into heat. The change of the coating’s structure occurs unlimited times and means that the flat panel is never at risk of stagnation. For further information visit: www.viessmann.co.uk DESIGNED TO SUIT Heatrae Sadia’s Megaflo Eco Solar cylinders are constructed from Duplex stainless steel, with high performance polyurethane foam between the inner vessel and outer casing for top quality insulation. The Megaflo Eco Solar also features a dedicated solar coil for a high level of efficiency. With an increased surface area to give better thermal transfer, a dedicated coil provides maximum efficiency and heat output from the solar energy. In the UK, solar gain differs throughout the year, and during the winter months it will be significantly reduced because there is less sunlight and fewer daylight hours. Since properties will sometimes be almost totally dependent on the supplementary fuel source for water heating, there is a choice of Megaflo Eco Solar models with either a second indirect heating coil for connection to a boiler or direct, with an immersion heater. Solar collectors are installed in conjunction with the cylinder. Megaflo solar thermal collectors and evacuated tubes come in a range of designs to suit the needs of different property types. Heatrae Sadia offers horizontal as well as vertical collectors, with in-roof sizes going up to 2.5m, which is ideal for larger buildings, and all have Solar Keymark certification. For further information visit: www.heatraesadia.com 47-48 R&S Products.indd 48 ON CHARGE Rolec provides a charging solution for every application. The Rolec range has been specifically designed to provide EV charging solutions for all sectors of the industry - including the domestic home market, the commercial industry and public facing locations. As well as being able to provide an EV charging point to suit every location, Rolec prides itself on manufacturing safe, cost effective equipment compatible with all current and future EVs. Recent additions to the Rolec range include the GroupManager system, allowing EV drivers to interact with the charging point using their own RFID card, as well as a new range of DC rapid chargers that will charge an EV in less than 30 minutes. With over 40,000 charging points manufactured and supplied to some of the UK’s leading household names, including Jaguar LandRover, Tesco, the NHS, Hilton Hotels, Heathrow Airport, Boots and AirBus, Rolec has firmly established itself as a trusted manufacturer to the EV industry. For further information visit: www.rolecserv.com 12/05/2016 14:28