Electrical Contracting News (ECN) June 2016 - Page 36

LED LIGHTING LIGHTEN UP Imran Hussain at Multibrands International outlines why LEDs are one of the best options for sustainable living. U p until recently, LED bulbs were perhaps seen as ‘luxury’ items, mostly because of the high prices they were retailed at. Concepts such as sustainable living or eco-friendly were considered to be alternatives and not a ‘must have’ by most consumers. comparing the short term advantages of incandescent lightbulbs (the low price) to the long term advantages of LEDs (energy saving and environmentally friendly). In addition to that, increases in global energy prices have made LEDs even more attractive for both domestic and commercial lighting. Improvements “ Now, constant improvements in LED technology and with LEDs being used on a much larger scale (such as for XYYš[H]][]H[\JKYX[]\HZ[ۋXZ[[B[ܙHYܙXHH]\YHۜ[Y\\YܙK\Y\]H\YQYH]H[Hو[Y]]YX[^H[ٝ[HY]Y\B][\Y[ ܈[[N(Q[\\ۈ[[H[YY\H\ZHѓ˂(Q[\\HۙHX\[›ZHYHѓ˂QUPSUHQQHUBQHQPTPTSQHSSTT HQPT8$UT“SԑHS TшTKX[YX\\وQX\Hۜ\[B[[[\ݙYXHXK(^H\HX\H۝XH[[Bܘ[[XXH\[\[[ؚ[BXK(^H[H]Y[\H]Xۙ˂(^HYH[[[XXH[ۙ[[XXH[ۜ˂[Y][ۈ[\Q\]Xۙ\[[[Y[[8$Y]X[]BQYH]HYHYX\X\[YB[[\\ HYX\8$]\[ܙB[ \و\K][“X[YX\\وQX\Bۜ\[H[[[\ݙYXHXH[YHوHX[B][Y[\ X\H\X[Q H[ݚYH[\H][و\L\[[\H\\YB\X[[\[[[\ L\[[\\Yѓ˂YY\^KH[\H][[H\XHYXY[H[XX]H[$[\X[[H\XY[]QH[B\[X][H0 L0 H܈HYX\[\\و]][\YX\H\[Y]X[]HQۜ[Y\˜[XHHۈH Š[\[[[\[[H[[X^[ ˂[\Y[YH[\[“Q\]^HXH\X] \\[ܙK\[ܙY[\˜XZ[H]\[XHY^\X][\\ HYX\˜XYHH\ Z[[ۈ\^H›XH]X\K\[QY[H[\HYH[YXHB\ۈ[H ۛ\ۛB ۛ\[\ۙHYX\[Y][ۋQ۝Z[[H\Y[[[Y[X\Y\\K[[\]H[HU܈\X[YX][ۈ8$š[[\\[Y[Z\][ۂ\HXYY[H[ۋ[\HX]\\[XZHB\[[\H܈QZ[[X\]\HYZ[ѓ[ܛX[[[Y[[ˈ[ܙ[ݙ\]HX\^XY][\\\[\^XY۝X]HX[X[HHܛقHX܈[[]X\ [\[\Z[\HX[Y[\X܂]][X[[\][ۘ[ H\›[ܙH[ HYX\و^\Y[H[BY[[\H[][Y[ܙB[ LY]X[]H[]\B\[H\X]Y[[ܙH[ L [Y\ܛYK͈͂QY[8$][X[˚[ ͂L Ǩ M MN