Electrical Contracting News (ECN) June 2016 - Page 34

INDUSTRY TRENDS MAKE YOURSELF THIRD The third amendment to the Wiring Regulations came into full effect this January (2016), bringing with it a number of new requirements covering consumer units, wiring in escape routes and protective devices – all designed to optimise fire safety in the home. However, while helping to raise standards, the reforms do mean a much more complex installation process for the already time stretched installer. Kevin Norman at Newey & Eyre advises on the latest solutions which can help to make easier work of adhering to Amendment 3. C onstituting one of the biggest shake ups to the electrical sector seen since Part L, this January (2016) saw the Amendment 3 to BS7671:2008 of the IET Wiring Regulations fully implemented. It includes a host of significant changes that electrical installers and contractors must now adhere to, including a reduction in earth loop impedance values for added protection against electric shock, the addition of protective devices and conditions for cabling located in escape routes, to name but a few. Risk factor The regulation 421.1.201 specifically requires metal consumer units to be installed in domestic (household) premises and follows an investigation by the London Fire Brigade into several tragic household fires, which concluded that a key cause of the incidents was due to faulty cable connections contained inside consumer units. Sadly, the consensus was that the issue could easily have been prevented with some basic safety measures and yet resulted in a number of fatalities. Amendment 3 has been designed specifically to alleviate this risk; helping to raise standards for all – and the industry is clearly fully behind it. In fact, a survey we recently conduc Y]]^H ^\H[]H\و۝XܜYܙYH]BX\ۚ[Z[HYܛ\[H\\\\H[XYHX][H[\Y[˜\Y\[HZ\X[ۜš[Y[HوH[\˂ۙHۘ\]\\HYB[\X]\[]HۈH[[\&\ܚ[^K[XYK[[\\[H[H]H[[YH]YHقܚ[H[\[H[Y[Y[]\]8&\Y[Y\X\ Z[^H\\܈XZ[YBY\ˈ]HYܛH\[ܘY ][[YX[H[ܙHYX[[[Y[B[[][ۈ\˂[ݘ][ۂH]\]X[HXY[›X[YX\\]HY[ܚ[\[\HZ[H[\ܙX]H]š[ݘ][ۜXYX[H\YۙYZY\X[H][Y[Y[ 8$[B]ZX\[YHXKH^[\Hو\[H[H[]H][Hو]X›Y][ۜ[Y\[][X\ܚY\˂XXۜ[Y\[]\X[YX\YBY[HY\YܙYHو[[Y\[™^[[KY\[[Y[Y[ ˜[SM KL˂Xۚ\[]]\H[[\Z\˜HY\[\X XX\Y\]ۋY[[XXHY\HYXB[HX[܈][X\[˜[\]H[]\Z]Z[B[[[\[\[ˈ\[œX[^X[]K[[Z[][HYY܂[[\ٙ]H^H]]\‚܈[[H]XYX[HY\]Z\Y \ܝY]\\H]]X˜ۜ[Y\[]\][X\Y[\YۙYXYX[H܈\H]Y][\[][[[ۘZ]XBXHۙY\][ۜ[X[H\[\YH[[ \]X[HY[Y[\X\[Y\H\YX[[[\[[BX\YHX܈HX]\؋[HHY][ۈوHXH[\XBX\[]X]\H\و[XYH˜X\H\Y\ˈHۛ]\[[ݙY\[Z]XH[[BX܈]H\[\Y[H\\\B[H^[X[ݙ\X\KX\Hو]ٚ]\[X[Y܋H]X[H\Y[\YۙYX[[]HXZ[][Y\œ][ۙYۈZ]\HY܈Y[YHوH\ H]][[X\\[HX\[HۙY\Y[[H[[\[^X[]H[\X[˜H\ ۈو\H\ؘ\\œۘ\XHYX[[][HX\[BY\Yۈ]HH^XXYX][ۋ\YX[[X\H]ٚ] ]]\B]X][ۋ[\X[\˂YX[܈]Z[]\H[\]YB\\X\YX[][[\[\]HH\^[YHX]B]\]H\]HH[[][ۂ]]H\و\\܈\ۈ]BX\۝[Z[][Z\ܚ˂\\YY][HYY܈YY H\H[X\XH[\[XH\œ\ܝY]H][Hو[ܙYXB\XГYX[[H[[\\]X[ܙHXH\H]X\š[H\ \\[ܙKY][ۘ[X\ܚY\\H]Z[XH[Y[H]Y۝\[ۈ] ]\ۛX܈] X\ܞHX[܈\[^Hš[][Y\X\X][ۜ˂Z\[[\•[H]\\Z[HY[HۙYXX[H[[[\[Y[][ۈق[Y[Y[ HX[]H\]]\B[[\ܝ[YXHوY\]]H[BH]HY[[H\[][Bۙ^H[Z\[Y]H[\܈[[ [[X][K][]\˂[YY ]X^HH^Hܚ܈B[[\]H]\]X[BX[YX\\]H[XYHKY[\YH[\[][Y]\[ݘ][ۜ[]X]HYHوBYY\\KHZ[Y[YBو\H][ۜ[[\[ۛHXZ[Z[\X[H[[\BX^[][HY]H[XX[]\H؋][[Z\HYXY[Y\˂[\H[˚[ L Ǩ M MM‚