Electrical Contracting News (ECN) June 2016 - Page 27

WIRING ACCESSORIES systems meaning products will need to become ‘smart’ for information to flow. Environmentally friendly products will continue to rise so increased micromanagement and control over energy usage will fuel the ‘smart’ wiring accessories market. The huge growth in ownership of portable electronic devices – smart phones, tablets and e-readers – and the plethora of leads and adaptors required to keep these devices charged means that today’s technology is reliant on USB charging. This has led to demand for neat and easy-to-install solutions and the development of USB charging modules. These are ideal retrofit products, which have enormous application potential for homes, offices, schools, hotels, education, leisure outlets and transport interchanges. Of course, housebuilders and developers are now fitting these as standard in all new builds. Mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, has had an impact on the way wiring accessories are designed and used and this will continue to be a key driver due to the ‘single product’ control that is available via smartphones. Integration with wiring accessories, i.e. to allow for lighting control over mobile applications will affect their initial usage. Fashion or function? Functionality and aesthetics are factors that are equally important to homeowners. warmed as and when they are required. In the same way lighting systems can be controlled so that the right light output is delivered when and where it is needed. With its ease of installation into an existing dwelling and with minimum cost and disruption involved, The INELS wireless RF system from Scolmore offers an ideal solution to enter the home automation market. The benefits of modular wiring systems – flexibility, cost-efficiency and time saving – means even the most complex installation can be completed more quickly and more efficiently than ever before. ‘Smart’ wiring accessories This has huge potential for the future. There will be continual development and increased range for integrated Functionality and aesthetics are factors that are equally important to homeowners. Whether they are matching the decoration of the room or the period/style of the house, wiring accessories continue to be used to enhance the style of the home, and have been for years. The difference today is the increase in choice available – we have moved on considerably from the simple white plastic boxes to a host of finishes including glass and ceramic. The latest new product development at Scolmore has seen the launch of the Mode Locating Plug Socket, which features a contoured front plate to help guide the plug into place. Developed primarily for the assisted living sector, the scope for this type of product is much more widespread as it lends itself for use where a socket isn’t easily accessible. With the developments in the home automation sector, we believe that functionality and the perceived benefits that the product can offer will become the deciding factor over the aesthetics. The successful manufacturers will be able to combine the two elements to produce products that tick both boxes. Increased micromanagement and control over energy usage will fuel the ‘smart’ wiring accessories market. By looking to develop their awareness of the new technologies and products that are available, electrical contractors can maximise any potential for additional business. People are no longer satisfied with basic technology and the contractors that can offer on-site solutions to problems and provide security and energy saving options will benefit from this. Manufacturers are keen to offer training on their products to ensure that the electrical contractors are confident in putting forward their products for consideration. The future The smart home market is undoubtedly on the rise in the UK, with 47 per cent of UK homeowners considering investing in smart home technology. Rapidly growing and in high demand, smart technology is becoming a common part of our everyday lives. One of the most important ways to harness the power of a connected home is to enhance assisted living. The assisted living market is estimated to be worth £10.1bn – a figure that demonstrates the potential for the electrical contracting and wholesaling industry in working towards designing, supplying and installing products which will facilitate the continued independence of the growing aged population. The drive for efficient environments will push connected devices and integrated systems, as well as smart standalone products. Cost and time reduction through prefabricated units and plug and play will also see increased development. Marie Parry is group marketing manager for the Scolmore Group with overall responsibility for the marketing strategy for the business which encompasses lighting, wiring accessories and the ESP range of security and fire detection products. She has been with the company for eight years during which time she has played a key role in a number of significant business developments inclu [HX[[وHY[™]\[ۈ[\HHݚXKYH]]X][ۈ\]˜XYHۙHوH\\ܛ[X\][HR˂‚L\[X\ܚY\8$[ܙK[ ‚L Ǩ M MMB