Electrical Contracting News (ECN) June 2016 - Page 24

COMPETITION WIN A MICROSOFT XBOX ONE AND NEED FOR SPEED BUNDLE* I * Console, Need for Speed game & extra controller f there’s one thing that all electrical contractors need, it’s innovative ideas to speed up installation on site to help them meet programme deadlines and reduce labour costs. If you have a need for speed, Unitrunk can help – not only by offering you the chance to win this fantastic games console and exciting Need for Speed game, but also by providing you with faster and easier cable management installations thanks to their reengineered Rapid Installation Systems (RIS) range. Capable of reducing installation times and labour costs by around a third, Unitrunk’s UniKlip cable tray and EasyConnect cable basket systems offer simple, tool free installation with a robust finish. UniKlip’s unique snap and secure coupling method is three times faster to install than conventional systems, while the revolutionary design of EasyConnect just clips together with no fasteners required. It’s a winning combination of time and cost savings that could help you speed up on site. courtesy of Closing date All entries must be returned by 30th June 2016. No correspondence will be entered in ˈHY]ܸ&\™X\[ۈ\[[ HHوH[\[HX\Y[H[B\YHوPӋ^H\^[XXKH[]H[Hو[[HZXܛٝۙH[K[\H[\H[]Y\[ۜ΂K\\[[\H[][&\T˜XHX[Y[Y[\[\΂JHH]X\\HHYHH\X[H[HYY˜ۛX[و[R\XH^B[X\PۛXXH\]‚ˈ[][&\[R\[X\PۛX\HXHX[O‚JHYBHۙBHۙBKT˜˜ˈB\[\]][ۂH[\و[TX\\Hو‘[XX[\X[H[و[HXZ[[[HX [\X\H\]HHܛH[[^ M M܈΂Pӈ\]][ۋ[[YYXH Z]H M  N][HY ܙ [ QMHQ ‚H[\[x&\\]][ۈ\N K ˈ ]H[H][\HY\\Y܈[\YH[۝HHوPӏ•]\HXZ[X]]Bو[\\[\‚X[H[HXY[\HوPӏŒBB[XX[۝X܂X[YX\\‚\[K\X][ۂۜ[[BBXX][]Y\‚X[]Y\X[Y[Y[L‚ M‚\H[HHY[X\و[HقH[YHY\ŒBPRP‚PBT‚Y\‚‚XوH[\X\˜\H[H[\\Y[ŒB\Z]X[ۈ[]X\\\]Z\Y[‚‚XHX[Y[Y[BX\]B\H]X[ۈ[[Y\[HY[‚‚Y[‚X][[[[][ۂBT‚‚Z[[]X[YX][ۜ‚‚YH\X][ۂSPB\ X\HXYJBBTUSPBL\[X\ܚY\‚‚QULB]ܚ[\X\\‚\L\ X\HXYJBX[H[[YH[\YY\ܚ܈[\\[OŒKMBKMLLLLJ‚LKLX\HXYJB\ۘ[]Z[΂[YK؈]H \[H[YH Y\ H [ [ؚ[H K[XZ[ [\ܝ[XB܈]Y]\\HYY\]H\]X\K\]H\ܛH][[H[\[XZB\H[H[[H[[\\X\ˈX\Hܙ]Yۈ[]H[\ܛH[\H[BXZ]H[\XY^[H]\H[۝ Yۘ]\H ]H \]][ۋ[ L Ǩ M LM