Electrical Contracting News (ECN) June 2016 - Page 12

LIGHTING PROJECTS CHICKEN TO LIGHT As part of a major upgrade of lighting within the acclaimed chain of Nando’s restaurants, The Light Corporation specified Bright Goods LED filament lamps to replace the existing mix of halogen and tungsten filament lighting. Bright Goods has supplied a selection of LED filament lamps from its wide range of popular shapes that includes globes, squirrel cages, candles, long tubes and traditional GLS bulbs. Bright Goods LED filament lamps have been used by Nando’s since July 2015 when the first installation was completed in the company’s restaurant in Hove. Every Nando’s restaurant is designed to have its own distinctive ambience. This is achieved by bringing together a variety of balanced and complementary features including contemporary furnishings, durable floor surfaces, stylish wall coverings and, crucially, warm and welcoming lighting. This attention to detail often extends to embrace handmade light fixtures and fittings including Czech glass fluid pendants, metal cages, wooden shades and wicker baskets. The nature of cool running LED allows almost anything to become a light fitting, broadening the possibilities for Nando’s lighting. Consequently, the versatility of the Bright Goods range means that the individual restaurant designs can be uncompromising and as spectacular as originally conceived. COLLEGE FUND Chelt Electrical in Hull has recently installed over 600 Edgelit LED LuxPanel luminaires from Luceco throughout Hull College, the programme being funded by the Salix scheme. Hull College is one of the largest establishments of its type in the UK with sites in Queen’s Gardens, Cannon Street and the KC Stadium as well as in Goole, Harrogate and community locations around Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. All of the colleges form part of the Hull College Group and have over 25,000 students across its campuses. Established in 2004, Salix Finance delivers 100 per cent interest free capital to the public sector to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions with loans for energy efficiency projects. High efficiency, energy saving LuxPanels from Luceco met the criteria for the Salix scheme. Quick and easy to install into exposed grid ceilings, the luminaires deliver up to 50,000 hours’ life with no maintenance requirements. Supplied with remote ‘plug and play’ drivers, LuxPanels are available in standard fixed output, dimmable and emergency options. The luminaires were installed in classrooms, circulation areas and corridors, X\HZ]\[[^][ۈ\X\\[\XX[\X[]Y\X\X]]H[Z\\[[ۜ˂SQԈST‘X]ۈ\[XYHHR&\\\[Y\X[\H\[HܙX]HH[\]YHY[œ][ۈ܈H[X\ٙXH][Y[[B]Hوۙۋ[X\]Y\HX]ۈ\H]“]Y]HZ[[ۈH[و]X[]H™\Yۈ[X[YX\HH\HY[][ۂ]X\[HY]HY[8&\XYX][ۜ˂HX[HQ\][Y^\][H܈\œڙXHX]ۈ]]RX[YX\[X[]K]ݚY\[X\]Y\]HY[][ۈ][X[[\H[H۝[\ܘ\H[\[܈قHZ[[\[\YY][HYܛ\XX[\]Z\[Y[[][]] \KYXY[H[[Z[]KH\Y[\][Y[ X\ܛX[B\]Y[[Y\YX\\\\˜Z[[ˈۙH]Y]H[]Y]B[Hٙ\ K LL و[YHٙXHXH[ Lٝ و]Z[[\]\[XKX]۸&\˜[[H\ܙX]HH[X\Q][ۈ][H[ܜܘ]Y[Yܛ[H[Z[[[\Y]HٙXH\X\ݚYHHۜ\[BY]X[]HوY [\ۜKX]ۈ\YۙYHX[HQ[Z[Hو][\Yۈ[[ݘ]]H8&\]B[x&Hۘ\][[XH[\H[[][ۂ[ۜ[\[۞H]HY\[\\]\X\\YH^[]وHZ[[˂X\\]][\\[܈]X[]B^[]H^H[B\Z[]HX[ۜ’[[]Z[X[]B\]]]HX[‚STT‚LLLY[ڙX˚[ L][[Y ܙ LLMK[ TTPUSӂSPUHӕL Ǩ M LB