Electrical Contracting News (ECN) June 2016 - Page 10

CONTRACT NEWS HOME HELP IDEAL CHOICE Barratt Developments has been working proactively alongside Hager to ensure the recent wiring regulation changes would have minimum impact on its construction process while maintaining high quality interior design. As a result, it has specified Hager’s Design 30 consumer unit into 17,000 new homes for 2016. On 1st January 2016, changes brought in by Amendment 3 to the wiring regulations BS7671 came into full effect. The changes were driven by investigations into several fires involving plastic consumer units by the London Fire Brigade, which concluded that a key cause of the fires was substandard cable connections made by the electrician. These resulted in overheating, which eventually ignited the plastic enclosure. The legislation outlines that all domestic consumer units fitted in the UK from January 2016 have to be made of a non-combustible material. Barratt Developments began carrying out in-depth research, engaging its installer subcontractors and supplier base to explore the best path to complying with the new legislation. As a developer of premium quality five star homes, aesthetics were of particular importance. Hager has enjoyed a long relationship with Barratt Developments’ 27 housebuilding divisions and is a highly rated supplier, ranked in the top quartile of all suppliers. Geofire’s Agrippa wire free fire door closer has been installed in many of the UK’s care homes. It has recently been installed into Ideal Home because of a problem with wedged open fire doors. The residents were trying to wedge open the doors at the home as they prefer to have their doors half open. The Agrippa door closers are ideal as they make heavy fire doors feel light and easy to move and so residents can have their door held open at any position. Ideal Home provides professional and personalised care for older people, as well as specialising in personalised care for EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) and specialist conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia. The acoustic door closer uniquely ‘listens and learns’ the sound of a building’s specific fire alarm, closing the door in the event of a fire evacuation. This ensures the trigger only reacts to the precise sound of the fire alarm rather than an extraneous loud noise, so false activations are virtually eliminated. WOOD WORK CONTRACT Spie UK’s Facilities Services business has been awarded a contract by Workman Facilities Management to provide M&E maintenance at the Touchwood Shopping Centre in Solihull. The contract, which encompasses M&E works, to provide repairs and maintenance across the entire shopping centre and its grounds, is valued at more than £2.5m. Spie was awarded the contract following Workman’s interest in changing its approach from a Total Facilities Management contract, to a traditional contract split between hard and soft services. Spie’s Facilities Service team now work alongside Workman’s chosen soft service provider, having successfully transitioned the service provision to the new model. Touchwood comprises more than 80 shops, as well as 20 bars and restaurants. The complex – which offers entertainment alongside shopping – was first opened in 2001. The original development cost £110m to build, and in 2015, plans to expand the centre with 30 extra shops, restaurants and cafés, plus the creation of a new open street leading from the High Street to a new courtyard, were announced. It has previously been estimated that the expansion of the 650,000ft2 centre will create 400 permanent jobs and 500 construction roles. LONDON LIVE TRUST SUPPORT Wieland Electric’s structured wiring system Metalynx2 and gesis plug and play system has been used for the connection of power and lighting throughout the refurbished Lacon London, an eight story commercial building in the heart of Holborn, London. The building, which has undergone a complete upgrade, i ۙYH[ZY\ؘ[[\Y[\[HXۙKX\\YB\H[ M HY\\Y[\[YY\X[Y[و[\[Y[Y]H\HHۙHوHR[\[[8&\›\\[[X\ٝ[Y\YXX[\X\ݚY\[]XRˈ[]XXYYYY[[8&\Y][[ \[\YX[œ\[HYYHY[[\X[œ\[Hۈ[ZYܜX[HY[[\Q[YY\[[[[]˂[Y[[X\H\YY\HY˜[^H\[KK]\Y[K]\Y \œYY[\H[[][ۈ[YH[[[’[]XYY]HYXY[\˂[\[[YH\ Օ H\[[YZX]Y[[ZL\ۈ[ۛYH H[\\Y]]ۈ[YH\Y\B\8&\\[\\[H\ܝ[Y[]X\[\X[]Y\Y[[X[؛[\˜[\XX[YY˂Օ\Hۙ\X\YR\]KݚY[\ܝ܈Y[]XX[YYš[Z\YHYKܚX[[[\[X]]Y\ˈۈ[YH[Hܝ[ܚ[ܜ“][ۘ[\\ۙHوՕ[][]Y\˜[\YH\[ [H[Y[ L ]XX[YY˂]Y\][ۈ[ܙX\[HXۚ\[H[\ܝ[Hو[\\ՕXYHBX\[ۈ]\H[X[HYH][]X\Y][\Y\]]H[[\H܂ݙK\[\[[X\Y\\]X]\\\[\\\\K]\\[B][X][[[][ۈݙ\[\[˂ԑQSPԑQSSQB\\H[[][ۈ\[[[ Hو][][ܙY[[H YX[X[[[][ۈ]X]Xݙ\H UH\[\[\\Y[[Y\]ۙ۸&\ܙY[X[[[H8$ۙHوH\\Y[\][ۈڙX[]\KH[X][\Y[\][ۈ[YH[\[Y[H^[]B][Y[]ܙY[X\Y[]K[Y[HXۚX̂[YKۘH\]KܙY[X[[[H[[YHݙ\ L \Y[X[[]Xܛ LH][Y[ݚY[Y\܈ \Y[\[\ L Lو[Y\X[ ]Z[[ٙXHXH[Xܙ\وܙY[[XK\\H[[][۸&\[][ U\[\]HY[XYYYH]\ۜX[ۈ܈^H[ܜܘ][ B[ M \\Y[ˈX]\HZ[[\[YܙX]BH\[Y]\[H[[\X\ ]\[[Z[[œ[[Hܙ^HXZ\ۙ]\ LHܙ^Hݙ\[قX\HYܙXH\[˂H[][ []\HZ[[[Y[][]H\\][XX\\Y[܈X\HX\]\\x&\X\]XY[]\œYYX[˂LKLL۝X]˚[ LL Ǩ M L ‚