Electrical Contracting News (ECN) July 2017 - Page 55

HOME AUTOMATION & INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS ‘In recent years home automation systems have expanded from an upper market niche of luxury homes and specialist projects into a more mainstream market.’ is changing the structure of the market with a large variety of entry level and lower cost home automation products having been made available at very competitive prices in the past 2-3 years, plus greater awareness among consumers of system benefits. The growth of home automation continues to be driven by the rapid advance in technology which is bringing intelligent automation systems to a growing number of homes and work places, allowing control of everything from lighting to communications and entertainment. and energy savings. For instance central heating systems, rather than heating the whole house, can be split into different zones so that rooms or areas are warmed as and when they are required. In the same way lighting systems can be controlled so that the right light output is delivered when and where it is needed. Technological advances driving the home automation market include the progress of wireless controls and ‘App’ or application programme driven control interfaces, which emphasise user friendliness. Remote control of the system has meant that the consumer is increasingly able to control all aspects of the connected home from within the home, whilst travelling, at work or even abroad via smartphones, tablets and PCs. Take-up of wireless routers/Internet has also benefited the home automation market, with increasing numbers of suppliers offering wireless systems based around the home Wi-Fi network. Growth of wireless systems has also resulted in lower installation costs and less complexity of the installation. The offering of modular systems which enable future expansion has also driven growth. Security is another important area of concern for consumers. Greater interest and purchase of home security systems and devices has been encouraged by the wider availability of smartphone App controlled devices that are now more affordable and enable greater monitoring and control of security devices: Access, CCTV, motion and smoke, water detectors and other devices. CCTV cameras and alarm systems can now be easily programmed and connected to a smartphone or tablet, with alerts sent to a device if there is an issue, allowing access and viewing of the cameras positioned at the premises, from any location using Wi-Fi or 4G connection. Door entry systems are also benefiting from the latest technology. Wi-Fi door stations for example allow you to view and talk to visitors at your home whether you are on the premises or on the other side of the world. From a smartphone or tablet and using an App, property owners can easily see who is at the door or gate, engage in two-way communication and allow remote access if desired. Whilst the evolution of smart home automation will bring sign f6B'W6W70'GVFW2f"7vF6VBVV7G&66G&7F'2FW&R2&VV7F6RFP'Bb6R7FW'2FgVǒV'&6PF2WrFV6w2B2FVVV@F6Ɩ6FVBF7FBFW&PFW&Vf&RVvƖrFW6VF7W7FW'25T4dTEU$PFRGf6R6'@FV6wv6FVRFffV7@FRv&GV7G2&P7V6fVB7FVB6֗76VB@FVB7F'B6B6PVvW'2&R66W&VBFBFWfRFvvF77FVFBv&WV&PFVF7WBF7FW&VBv2f"6&ƖrF26( Bv2FR66R'WprFW67F'B6B6R@'VBWF&R6Ɩ6FVB77FV`&WV&VB6G&7F'26&V77W&RVPB6v66R&vRb6WF27VF&Pf"FffW&VB'VFvWG2BƖ6F2FR&vW7B6V7F"f"RWFFগ2r&WG&fBvW&Rv&VW726V7W&GBVW&w6frfVGW&W26&RFFVBFRvFWBfrFFW"FV"v&p"F7'WBFRFV6"B66&RvRfP7G&VBW"RWFFffW"&v@&6F&672FffW"6R77FVF@2BG26&R66W76&ƗGB6Ɩ6G&Ff"FR7FW"BFRVBW6W"FRGf6R6'BFV6wv6FVRFffV7BFRv&GV7G2&P7V6fVB7FVB6֗76VB@FVBVFFVǒF22v@Ww22BWG2VV7G&66G&7F'2&R6FFFfW'6gFV"ffW&w0BFBgW'FW"&WfVVR7G&V2FFV 'W6W72'&vr&BbWW'vW"FR&W6W'fRbFR&6@fW2FR6'BR2&V6֖p66W76&RFW2B67VW'2&PrFFRFV6w2V2`V6rFV"ƗfW2FW&RpBrFW6FB6V7W&GBVW&w6frfVGW&W2FFV"&W'FW2v7B@FR6RFR'&vr&BbWW'vFWFF26G&'FVƖvVB6G&ƖpbFRƖvFrBVFrF&VvWBRB276&RFR6vf6B67@Vǒ#rSP