Electrical Contracting News (ECN) July 2017 - Page 49

HOME AUTOMATION & INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS Ventilation specialist EnviroVent, for instance, launched stand alone control for its generation of Wi-Fi enabled mechanical ventilation systems. Timeguard has taken things even further and built-in the Wi-Fi functionality into the fused spur – a wiring unit that is fi tted every day and everywhere by installers, and usually alongside just the sort of appliance that householders will want to control remotely anyway. Enter the Wi-Fi fused spur timeswitch! By replacing a conventional fused spur with this Wi-Fi enabled device – wire for wire and into the same back box – and downloading the free App, homeowners and landlords have remote control over existing devices in a property. There’s no need to buy new heaters or ventilators – the old ones can be remotely controlled via this new Wi-Fi enabled spur. Timeguard has built Wi-Fi functionality into its fused spur timeswitch. B.E.G. SPECIAL FEATURE One App download can control multiple devices, such as a whole accommodation block with shared Wi-Fi access. The App enables you to set on and off times, add an extra ‘boost’ hour if needed, or just to be able to make a safety check and see at a glance if something is on or off. Primary users can allocate other occupants individuals with limited control over specifi c appliances in their room. And, of course, this ingenious unit still also provides essential fused spur protection for each appliance. There’s even an IP66 version for all those outside appliances too. What’s next? More and more devices are coming online. Within the next fi ve years, every device in a home will be connected to the Internet. That’s great, it can bring some control and simplicity to a lifestyle, but it can be complicated. For now, bridging the gap of what technology can do today versus what consumers think it can do continues to be a challenge. People expect smart homes to take care of us, and for the homes to monitor us, remind us to take medication and call for help if we fall. One day that will probably all be possible – but you won’t be shopping for it this Christmas. We need to set our expectations to what we can experience today. Remember too, that while these products may be convenient, they’re not inherently smart. They provide automation, but they don’t provide much intelligence. You One App download can control multiple devices, such as a whole accommodation block with shared Wi-Fi access. can use a phone as a mobile light switch, but it’s no smarter than a wall switch. The true defi nition of a smart home is one where there’s active intelligence and a coordination of actions by the various products. For instance, if the HVAC system senses a vibration every time the furnace turns on, it will diagnose it as a problem with the fan and call the boiler engineer out to fi x it. It’s intelligent because it’s using sensor technology with algorithms to determine the problem and how to solve it. But until we get to that point, it’s important for homeowners to keep in mind what’s realistically possible today. The lighting control professionals Motion detectors Occupancy detectors Lights and halogen floodlights Photo electric switches For over 40 years, B.E.G. have been helping our customers control their lighting and HVAC to operate in the most efficient way.  We are a German specialist developer and manufacturer  Our products combine state of the art technology to provide the best in class  We provide comprehensive support from product selection to commissioning Save energy with B.E.G. B.E.G. (UK) Ltd. Q West, Great West Road Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 0GP Time switches www.beg-luxomat.com M EMB ER M EMB ER