Electrical Contracting News (ECN) July 2017 - Page 39

FIRE DETECTION & SAFETY SPECIAL FEATURE Fire crews may no longer respond to certain calls originating from automatic fire alarms in shops, offices or factories. CONNECTED THINKING The promise of smart technology is all about making life easier. It’s a proposition that you can only answer when you consider your own use of social media. It’s then you quickly recognise that intelligent connected products like smartphones and tablets have dramatically changed your work/life experience with a striking effect unimaginable in the recent past. Kevin Mears, product manager at Kentec Electronics, outlines the vast potential this advanced online connectivity brings you for a more efficient workflow. F ire and Rescue Service false alarm call outs are extremely costly in terms of time, money, and disruption to occupiers. Yet, most of these could be efficiently minimised by remote diagnostics that fully exploit the power of the Internet and mobile communications, with predictive monitoring and servicing by fire alarm maintenance and service providers allowing potential problems to be resolved before they arise. Experts estimate that having life safety systems more comprehensively managed by remote monitoring and interrogation could eliminate some 35 per cent of all fire emergency call outs to premises. Fresh perspectives reap significant benefits The team leader of a recent five- year project, who pioneered remote troubleshooting techniques for system monitoring and diagnostics that generated over £2m savings a year, says, ‘It’s a change in mentality, because we can now pull up all the information and July 2017 | 39