Electrical Contracting News (ECN) July 2017 - Page 32

INTERVIEW Through the development of smart hand held devices, consumers are already aware of the potential technology can bring. COUNTERING THE COUNTERFEITERS In the second part of our exclusive interview, Tony Greig, CEO of Legrand UK & Ireland, discusses the issue of counterfeit products and some of his company’s plans for the future. How do you counter the problem of counterfeit products? Any successful product launch will likely garner a following of low cost imitations which will operate under the guise of offering similar levels of capacity as the original, but at a fraction of the cost. Fortunately, a number of standards and legislation – from British and European manufacturing standards to CE marks – exist to provide a framework which is intended to protect end users from the dangers of counterfeit products. Given we all work in the electrical industry, we’re well aware of the very real dangers that stem from not respecting a very powerful form of energy. The health and safety elements which form a crucial foundation for much of the legislation are there to ensure that products can be used without risk or fear. However, cheap imitations more often than not fail to meet these standards. I’d therefore argue that the most effective way to combat the problem of counterfeit products is to cut out the demand for them. 32 | J ձ)ɽՍЁݥȁݕѡЁͥ)ЁɽՍ̰ݡ䁍Ё)ͱѱ䁡ȁɥи)%ԁɽՍ́ݥѠѡɽ)хɑ̰ѡѡѠͅɥͭ)ѡЁѕɽЁɽՍ)ݥхЁѡՅѥ]ɔ)ٕ䁍͍́ѡɕɕ́ѼمՔ)ȁЁЁɽ̰ݕٕȁѡ)ѕѥ́ͽѕݥѠͥ)ɴɽЁȁչѕə)]Ёՙɕ́1Ʌ)Ѽɕ́Սѡɕ́́ͭ)͡х́ѡ)ٕѡɕͥ䁑хɕѥѡ)䁥́ݥѠѡ́ %4)ѡ%ѕɹЁQ́͵Ёѥ)ѡȁɕ䁥ѕȁٕ䁵Ս)ѡɥ齸ݔѼɔմ)́ЁЁѡɽ՝م)ɕͽɍ%ӊé͕ɕЁѡЁՍѡ)ݽɭɍȁ䁥́ɕ)Ʌѥ$ѡЁѡɽ)ɕѥٕ́͡ȁѡ啅́)ɕѡ䁽ɕ͠хЁ)Ѽѡ丁!ݕٕȰЁ́ͥѼ)͕ѡɕɝɕѥ́͡$)ѡݥɥ͔Ѽ́ɽ)́ѡ䁽ݕɔ)ѡȁٕɕѡɕЁѼѡɥ)䰁ݥȁՍѥ͕ѽȁ)ݡ́ѡɔѡ 䁅ɕ)ɽ͕ͥ٥̸͕٥