Electrical Contracting News (ECN) July 2017 - Page 28

INTERVIEW THE SPORTING SPARKY Shortly before delivering his keynote speech at NICEIC Live South, former England footballer Stuart Pearce sat down to tell Russell Drury about his early years as an electrician. L ike industry legend Tony Cable, I am a Chelsea supporter. Yet I have always carried a bit of a soft spot for Nottingham Forest. This goes way beyond watching them when I was at university in Nottingham. In fact it goes all the way back to the late 1980s and early 90s when Forest were a force to be reckoned with. Regularly challenging at the top of the league and reaching cup finals, they were managed by the great Brian Clough and played entertaining football thanks to stars like Neil Webb, Des Walker, Nigel Clough and, of course, Stuart Pearce. In a distinguished playing career, Pearce was capped 78 times by England. As well as Forest, he also played for the likes of Newcastle, West Ham and Manchester City, making more than 700 club appearances, scoring 82 goals. Before signing professional terms for Coventry, Pearce was juggling a semi-professional career at Wealdstone with a job as an electrician. ‘It was a fantastic job,’ says Stuart. ‘I used to love the diversity of it. I really enjoyed it and the camaraderie on the building sites was fantastic in those days, so that was an added bonus.’ So what first attracted Stuart to the trade? ‘When I was at school I didn’t really have anywhere to go and work so I worked in a warehouse for a year. Then my sister suggested I did a day release from that job as an electrician,’ he explains. ‘My brother worked for Brent Council as an electrician so I spent a year at Willesden College doing my first year of an apprenticeship, and then from there I joined my brother at the council as an electrician. I used to help him out during my school holidays and it wasn’t something that I really thought about going into, but it worked out really well for me.’ Stuart Pearce was capped 78 times by England and made more than 700 club appearances. ‘Go and get yourself a trade, it’s something that stays with you for the rest of your life.’ Career highlight? Captaining England. Toughest opponent? Mark Ward (West Ham and Everton). Not one of the high flying names that you might think of but he was a little jinky winger. Best ever teammate? Best ability-wise; Paul Gascoigne. Best consistency-wise; Des Walker. Favourite goal? The free kick for Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup Final in 1991 against Tottenham – because of w ɔЁ͍݅́ɕ)ѡͥ()ձ)хѥɽչ)Q͔́䁽ѡѽщՉ)ͥɽͥщ́ɔѡ)ɔٕѡȁѕ̰ݥѠՍɅѥٔ)Ʌ́ȁѼѡ͔ݡ)ɽͥ䁥Ё́ձЁѼչ)́ȁͥͽ䁽ɕ)ѼѡЁѕɹѡ)̸݅ ЁMՅЁ́ѼЁѡ)مх́ɹɅ݅䁙ɽ)ѡ)!̰ͅa$eЁѡѡɗe)剽ѡЁݽձeЁЁɽ)ͽѡѡЁɅͥѡȁщ)她ɕȸ%ӊéѽɕ)ѕ݅ɐЁٔ)хѥɽչQщϊd)չٕ́ɽѡݥ)ԁ䁅ٔԁЁ)ѡѡЁԁ݅ЁѼݡѡȁЁ)ՅȁɅd)ѡȁ́щȰ)ɕ٥́幽єȁ)9% % 1ٔ́!аݡՅ)ɭՍ͙հɕȁѡ)͕٥́䁅ѕȁչ)̸́%ӊéձЁѼ͕ѽ)ɽͥ́ݥͥȁɽє)ѡ͔̰ɕ)MՅЁɝՕ̰a]Ё́Ёͻe)ͽ̸݅Ёѡѽщ)ѡɗéЁ䁉Ёѡѽ)ѡѡɔͻeЁ́Սͼ)͠她Ёѡԁ׊eٔѥ)ЁѼ%ԁɕɔ)͕ѡ͔啅́Ѽԁ)Ѽѡȁͥ́ѕȁщѡ)ӊéݕd)MՅаݕٕȰѼɝ)ɕȁѠѡЁٕ́ѕȁ)͡她ȁ5ѕȁ 䁅Ёѡ)+a$݅́ɕ䁙չєd̸+a-٥-ݡ݅́ȁЁѡ)ѥͭ'eх䁽ѡ)хͼ$́͡ȁ)ݕЁɅЁѼ$݅́չє)ѡЁ$Ѽ݅ɅЁѼͼ)ѡɕ啅́ɥȁѼѡЁ'eɭ)х䁍́ͼ$ɕɕ)͕ȁѡЁх䁱d)є́Ս͙հщɕȰ)ѡɥɅ́ѥͽѡMՅ)́ɹͥȁ́եѼ)ɕЁѼ͍ٕ)ѽ䰁́Ց̰ae׊eɔ݅)ѼѡɅ͵$ݽձ)Ёх䁅٥͔剽䁝)͕ɅӊéͽѡѡЁх)ݥѠԁȁѡɕЁȁd)5ѥѡ)ᡥѽ́)9% % 1ٔMѠ