Electrical Contracting News (ECN) July 2017 - Page 26

COMPETITION WIN A SONOS BRIDGE AND PLAY 1 SPEAKER Start building your Sonos wireless music system with Timeguard. Smart and Simple spur timer. Timeguard has put the smart stuff into the fused spur, so your customers can control conventional appliances via their phone. There’s no need for them to buy expensive, new Wi-Fi enabled heating appliances. Wherever you’d be fi tting a fused spur anyway, you can now build in Wi-Fi time control. There’s even a weatherproof IP66 outdoor version. The Sonos sound system goes from strength to strength. Delivering big, full-rounded sound as good as a full-sized hi-fi all squeezed into a box that can stream almost all App controlled music services and radio stations. It’s easy to set up and easy to use. You can easily build a system for your whole home, giving you control to play different music in each room or have them all play together for an all-out party The Sonos App is easy to use – as is the new Timeguard App for its Wi-Fi fused The Timeguard App works with Wi-Fi and 4G and supports programme sets for holidays, term times, seasons etc. It is ideal for occupiers, second home owners and landlords. It even gives you feedback on the status of an appliance – whether it is drawing current or not - so users can be 100 per cent sure that the heating is on or off as they wish. Being smart has never been simpler. To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following questions: 1. Timeguard FST Wi-Fi works with what? a) Wi-Fi b) 4G c) Both Wi-Fi and 4G 2. What is the IP rating of Timeguard’s weather proof version? a) IP67 b) IP44 c) IP66 3. The Timeguard App is ideal for who? a) First time buyers b) Installers c) Landlords May competition The winner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and Dual USB portable power bank, courtesy of Thorn, was Nigel Tansey, of JSM Transformers Ltd. Closing date All entries must be returned by 31st July 2017. No correspondence will be entered into. The editor’s decision is fi nal. The name of the winner will be published in the September issue of ECN. * Prize is not exchangeable. To enter, please \]HHܛH[[^ M M܈ΈPӈ\]][ۋ[[YYXH Z]H M  N][HY ܙ [ QMHQ H[\[x&\\]][ۈ\NK ˈ \ۘ[]Z[“[YH ]H[H][\HY\\Y܈[\YH[۝HHوPӏ•]\HXZ[X]]Bو[\\[\–Y\’X[H[HXY[\HوPӏŒBH[XX[۝X܂X[YX\\  HXX][]Y\X[]Y\X[Y[Y[Z[[]X[YH][ۜŒL M“•XوH[\X\˜\H[H[\\Y[\Z]X[ۈ[]X\\[K\X][ۈ\H[HHY[X\و[HقH[YHY\ H \\]Z\Y[ۜ[[H ŒHPRP XHX[Y[Y[PH HX\]BT \H]X[ۈ [Y\[HY[”SP Y[ŽX][[[[][ۂYH\X][ۈ H\ X\HXYJH HTUHTSPH L\[X\ܚY\QU LH]ܚ[\X\\ŒL\ X\HXYJBX[H[[YH[\YY\ܚ܈[\\[OŒKMBKMLLLLJŒLKL\ X\HXYJB؈]H \[H[YH Y\ H [ [ؚ[H K[XZ[ [\ܝ[XB܈]Y]\\HYY\]H\]X\K\]H\ܛH][[H[\[XZH\H[HH[H[[\\X\ˈX\Hܙ]Yۈ[]H[\ܛH[\B[HXZ]H[\XY^[H]\H[۝ Yۘ]\H ]H