Electrical Contracting News (ECN) July 2017 - Page 22

TRAINING NAPIT INSPIRES STUDENTS KEEP UP TO DATE WITH BUILDING CONTROLS NAPIT joined students at Highbury College in Portsmouth on 10th May 2017 for the Student Road Show, which was open to all level one, two and three electrical students. The Road Show, which was set up by the college and the IET, was designed to inform students and apprentices on day release from employers on life after their studies in the world of electrical contracting. Alongside NAPIT, representatives from the IET were in attendance at the event as well as electrical test equipment manufacturer Megger. NAPIT was on hand to talk primarily to the level three students, who would be leaving college soon to go out and practise their trade. NAPIT set out the key facts on the importance of joining a NAPIT membership scheme once they had left college. Michael Collinge, head of training at NAPIT said, ‘It’s so important that students learn good habits at the first stages of their studies when it comes to electrical contracting and that they know the importance of working in accordance to the Wiring Regulations. We want to get the message out about NAPIT to electricians just starting out in the trade and highlight the importance of competence, compliance and exercising higher standards of work in the industry.’ The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) is inviting electrical contractors to expand on their building controls knowledge with the second in a suite of six courses to be offered as part of the BCIA training programme. ‘BC2 – Measuring and Control Technology’, is designed for engineers and installers and will equip participants with an understanding of the basic terms of control technology. The course covers measuring and control technology in depth, as well as the correct use and application of equipment used for measuring HVAC systems. Malcolm Anson, president of the BCIA, said, ‘Electrical contractors are increasingly being expected to install basic building controls. The six BCIA courses offer the ideal way to increase your skills and knowledge, and help to drive your business and the building controls industry forward.’ On successful completion of BC2, participants will be awarded with a CPD certificate accredited by CIBSE. This together with completion of BC1 and BC3, will lead to an industry-wide recognised Technical Certificate in Building Controls. The BCIA training programme takes place at training centres in Peterborough, Edenbridge and Rotherham. For further information visit: www.napittraining.co.uk For further information visit: www.bcia.co.uk LANTEI COMPLIANCE SERVICES TO SUPPORT BUSINESSES BY HOSTING ELECTRICAL SAFETY SEMINARS NEAR YOU Lantei has announced the return of its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited electrical safety seminars which are set to be bigger and better than ever before. The seminars aim to educate duty holders about the latest legislation and news within the electrical industry. They will support the delegates with their responsibilities by explaining how they can keep their workplaces safe and compliant. Hosting the seminars is Lantei CEO Anthony Smith, who will be accompanied by guest speakers. All speakers have years of experience and knowledge within the electrical industry. Anthony Smith said, ‘2017 has led to some exciting opportunities for Lantei, the launch of the seminar website was just the start. The seminars are going to take off in August and we cannot wait! We want to encourage all businesses to take advantage of the chance to learn something new to keep working environments safe. We hope to see you there!’ H[Z[\\HZ[[[H\[x&\YH]Hو\ۋX[\\\Z[[KY[\ ]\K[ۙۈ][ۈ[[X\˂܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˛[Z\[Z[\˘˝ZQPHSUQPUSӈPSUBQPH\˜[[YB[[وB]YX][ۂX[]H]]RšXY]X\\š[[[XY\\Kۜ\[ق[YX][ۂKHXX[ܚ[H]XZ]\XKQPH\[YYݚYHXH[Yܘ]ܜ]H]\YX][ۈ[[[\ۛY[][\H[[YK[Yۈ[ۙ^HX^H\YX\H]XHX\QPx&\ۙ[˜[Z]Y[[\[Y]X[]H[\HZ[[˂&YX][ۈ\[\[X[\܈H[[\[ܙ\Z\[[HYHXH[\K\YX][ۈܘ[[YB۝[Y\ܛ[[\]KH[]]\[YH[\[HYX]YZ[[X[]K8&HZYX][[[ۜX[Y[\X܋QPHSQPK]Y[[H[X[X\QPH[H[\\[[BڙX[\[\\\]Y[Y[[\[\܈[[\˜[\Yۈ\[[][ۈ ]Y[[[[Y\]H[܂YH[[XK\\وHY\[Y]XYH܈QPHY[X\H]Z[[X[]H\]Z[XH܈Y[X\\K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۂۈ\[HXKX\H۝X[Y\\ۈ M  L ܈XB\YXKܙ˂܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˘YXYYX][ۋB[H M“PPSSSTSTшUSS”QSшHQPTHY[[\BXY[^x&\PH\YX]H\˜Y[][YݚYH[^[[8&ܛ[[[Y[&B܈HYH]YY[H[\œݙ[HH][\܂X[Hۙ[\HX\ٝ[\Y\[HY[[\KX\YPH\Y[]HXۜ][[Y[Z[XXYX\Y[XZ]]Z]H[PHS]H]Y\˂Z\[[ڙX܈Y[˂\YX\]H[[\\H[Hݙ\ L[Y\˂H[[\\N[X[HH]XܛٝY[\HX]HH[[^Z[]Z]HH[XX[N\ۈ[HH]\[ۈXܛ\[^[\H[[]ۚX˂H[[\\[YZ\ܚۈ X^H]HXY[^H\Y[[ܙ HY[œ[[ۜ\[وPH\YX]H]ܜ\YH[H[][X\X[ۈ LX^HHXX[][[Y[وHYX\\[[YH[Z[PB\Y[]HXۜو]ۈPKH[\\Z[]Z]HH[XX[K\\[Y]Hܞ\[PH\YX]H]\ [ۙ]H\YX]H[\]YH܈0L [H[[\[H[Y[YۈZ\ٙ\[ۘ[\KH[YH[[\H][Z\ڙX[Z\^\[ۘ[\[][ۜ˂܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˝[XKܙ˝ZXY[^H[˛XX[