Electrical Contracting News (ECN) July 2017 - Page 21

P ER 10 0 ™ TM LED FIRE RATED DOWNLIGHT LESS Wattage, MORE Output Designed and engineered with true performance at its heart. Delivering 100 lumens per watt in both 6W and 8W versions the FType flawlessly outperforms all other downlight fittings in the market. 6W - 600 Lumens 8W - 800 Lumens MORE features, LESS installation time Clip&Fit ™ Speedfit ™ Insulation coverable clip & fit driver ensures quick and easy installation Speed fit loop in/out push fit terminals for solid or stranded cable FIRE RATED 30-60-90 min AIR LEAKAGE PART C LEAKAGE ACOUSTIC PART E DIMMABLE TESTED IP65 INSULATION COVERABLE www.luceco.com