Electrical Contracting News (ECN) July 2017 - Page 17

CONTRACT NEWS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT Village Hotel Club wanted to reduce its energy costs as well as improve overall comfort for its customers. It embarked on a project with Carbon Credentials which then contracted Synapsys Solutions to supply the hardware for installation in the Village hotels. Carbon Credentials asked Synapsys to conduct a site visit at the Village Hotel in Maidstone to determine which one of its devices would be most appropriate for this project. Working with the maintenance System Integrators, Synapsys implemented the SIPd device at the test site in Maidstone. SIPd provides fast and simple data acquisition which improves building performance. The device is a small box which connects to a Building Management System (BMS) and captures the data. The SIPd device then sends live data to an external data analytics partner: Carbon Credentials. Various readings are taken on gas, electric, humidity, temperature, biomass and power usage meters. Real time data was captured over a three-month period, allowing Carbon Credentials to analyse the data and identify which of the buildings systems and plant were not working efficiently. By pinpointing potential issues, changes were made to the BMS to optimise the running of the hotel to ensure energy and financial savings were made. The SIPd device has proved cost effective; as the data analysed so far has identified large saving opportunities of 10-20 per cent with payback expected in under one year. For further information visit: www.synapsys-solutions.com SOUND SYSTEM Eaton has delivered a comprehensive fire alarm system to protect the safety of students at a prestigious university accommodation development in Liverpool. The power management company supported EFT Systems, in providing equipment for Ablett House. Completed in a year, the bespoke 12-storey, 396-bed building has been designed to provide students in Liverpool with a relaxing environment in which to live, study and unwind. The state-of-the-art accommodation offers students a choice of three to seven-bed apartments. Mindful of the disruption and cost implications that arise from frequent false alarms in student accommodation, The Student Housing Company specified a bespoke fire alarm solution with a sophisticated range of cause-and- effect programming to ensure fast and accurate detection of a suspected fire. In order to meet the project’s detection and alarm requirements, EFT installed four of Eaton’s CF3000 intelligent and addressable control panels throughout the student accommodation. Unlike conventional panels, addressable control panels can pinpoint the particular detection device that has been activated, thereby speeding up the process of determining the source of the outbreak. Ablett House was the first large Eaton system that EFT has fitted, additionally installing around 600 optical smoke and multi-sensor detectors throughout the building. For further information visit: www.cooper-Is.com