Electrical Contracting News (ECN) July 2017 - Page 14

CONTRACT NEWS KEEPING WITH TRADITION LIGHT SALAD Crompton Lamps has supplied its LED antique bronze filament lamps to the new Sunbridgewells retail and leisure complex at Millergate, in Bradford’s historic trading quarter. Lighting was specified by electrical wholesaler Newey & Eyre, Bradford, which advised and worked closely with the electrical installers on site. Crompton’s LED antique bronze filament lamps were the perfect choice for the installation as they offered a traditional filament incandescent look that incorporates all the benefits of the latest LED technology. Figures for this installation have shown that by choosing LED lamps for this installation instead of conventional lamps, an amazing annual saving of over £2,000 and 14,301KW has been achieved. Crompton’s 5W antique bronze globe lamps were chosen for the front entrance and in the Wallers Brewery Bar along with a 7.5W ST64 lamp in corridors, stairwell and through the Wallers Brewery and Alibi Bar. The lamps are perfect for any installation where a strong visual impact is required, whilst offering the opportunity to add character to any decorative installation. Maxilux is now playing a major part in driving efficiencies in the germination of salad cress for one of the UK’s largest market garden producers. Maxilux LED lighting is successfully bringing on the tender young stems at WS Bentley Growers, which produces more than 20 million punnets of salad cress each year for the UK’s major supermarkets. Maxilux LED lighting, which is dramatically expanding its offering by opening new distribution centres in Kent and Leeds, has helped WS Bentley save costs on the early germination of salad cress by using LED strip to hot house the crop, replacing the less efficient fluorescent strip. Using Maxilux LED lighting in the germination rooms rather than the fluorescent has saved the WS Bentley Growers 40 per cent in combined lighting and temperature control costs. The LED is also waterproof as the crops need to be grown in an intensive fog, which generates a lot of moisture in the 48 hours the seedlings are in there before they are transferred to greenhouses. For further information visit: www.cromptonlamps.com For further information visit: www.maxiluxled.com LIGHTING THE WAY McCann has built upon its impressive LED lighting portfolio by completing lighting upgrades between J22-25 of the M62. The project, coordinated by Highways England’s term contractor A-one+, was completed by Nottingham based McCann in a nine-week period between January and March 2017 – covering a 19km stretch of the M62 between J22 at Saddleworth Moor, and Kirklees Viaduct to the west of Junction 25. As part of the lighting upgrade on one of the UK’s busiest motorways, 1,224 existing high pressure sodium lanterns were replaced with new Ampera Maxi LED lighting units and 12 existing street lighting feeder pillars were replaced. The project also included the installation of a new Central Management System (CMS) – with remote manipulation of operational burn hours, control over the timing of dimmed lighting when there is minimal traffic, and fault monitoring and energy consumption tracking systems. The reporting and control mechanisms can also be operated on a light-by-light basis or across the entire network. These significant upgrades along the M62 will generate a 53 per cent energy saving – reducing annual energy consumption from 2,203,807 kWhrs to 1,041,658 kWhrs. The newly installed LED lights also require no routine maintenance, another major benefit. For further information visit: www.mccann-ltd.co.uk McCann demonstrates the visible difference in LED lighting upgrades on the M62. The LED lighting brightness is adjustable, ensuring the best possible conditions for night time driving. 14 | July 2017 LIVERPOOL LABORATORY Rehau demonstrated its expertise in producing bespoke cable trunking solutions at the brand new Materials Innovation Factory, which is set to open shortly in Liverpool. The five-storey, 11,600m² facility at Liverpool University is a private public partnership between the university and Unilever and will be home to around 300 materials researchers working to bring the latest innovations in materials chemistry to market. It features workspaces, meeting areas, computer suites and extensive laboratories, and a mix of Rehau Profila Data trunking and Rehau Bench trunking has been installed throughout. Rehau liaised with M&E contractors Lorne Stewart to design and manufacture bespoke wall sets for the project which could accommodate a set-back into the window reveals, all with a grey insert to meet the requirements of Part M of the Building Regs. It also supplied all white back to back bench trunking for the laboratories throughout the new building. This success at the £65m Materials Innovation Factory follows a similar installation at Manchester’s £61m National Graphene Institute last year, where Rehau provided Profila Data trunking in a bespoke black finish for the building which was also completed by main contractor Bam Construction. For further information visit: www.rehau.com THE OFFICE LED Eco Lights has announced that St Albans City and District Council has completed phase one of a project to rep